Friday, 19 February 2016

Frostgrave PT 3

As I prepare for Frostgrave I have been watching a few bat raps and in one of the games it had 6 statues which randomly came alive and attacked once you pick up some treasure.

This got me thinking. When I bought the castle at Christmas for this game it came with some knights that I would probably never use so I thought well they will be just sitting there and they seem to be in a good scale size to make some statues.

I started off by glueing and basing the models on to 50mm bases. Some uniform grey spray from army painter was used and a splash of army painter white to get a snow like effect.

Hay presto instant and quick statues.

As objectives are the main aim in the game I looked around eBay I found some resin treasure chests for a couple of pounds. I was supposed to get 10 but some how got 14. Result!

I glued these to some 25mm MDF bases and sprayed grey (my new primer colour of choice) I added some brown and chaos black to the leather straps with a little bit of shining gold for the locks. Then with a splash of snow done.

I was thinking as I finished my war band I probably will need some crossbow man. As I am doing this on the cheap I raided my collection and found these two fellas for my crossbow man.

This little project turned out pretty well for a quick job I just need to paint these dwarfs up now and still got to sort through what spells I want to use..

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