Friday, 11 January 2019

First Miniatures Painted This Year Featuring Here's Negan By Mantic Games

Last month I posted an unboxing of Here's Negan by Mantic games which you can view here

Over the last week I grabbed some hobby time and painted all of the miniatures in the box set.

Here's a group shot of Negan and his Survivors..

Click for More...

Here are all the Zombies..

Some action shots..

I am glad I have got these painted as theres nothing like playing a game with fully painted miniatures.
Now I have started to paint again this year one thing I do want to do is keep a count of how many miniatures I have painted over this year so my total now is 18!

Right them I'm ready to go and get stuck in and start to clear out some pesky Zombies...
Wish me luck..


Riot said...

Those look great mate.

Great to see your year get off to such a good start!

Shaggy said...

Cheers @riot we will have to have a game of this soon.