Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for taking the time to come and visit my blog this year!

I hope Santa brings you all the plastic and metal you want.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ale and gaming why not.

Ed finally moved into his new flat and invited me to christen his new gaming board with some Ales thrown in. How could I say no..

It was Eds Retribution vs Khador. well Butcher...

Don't Like the look of that big fella!

Armour and more Armour

As we did not have any steam roller packs we decided just to go smash. Ed won the roll and started first.

As normal in war machine it was run run run first turn even though I tried a pop shot with my destroyer.

Ed starts to move in and his infantry start to move in position to cause my jacks some pain! then the big fella moves in!
Ed begins chipping away at my jacks but luckily the mechanics are more the up for the challenge to fix them.
I kill his mage hunter assassins and some of his infantry but they have vengeance. Its not great.

I have to feat but I can only managed minimal damage ( Khador dice rolls strike!) to his colossal  while he manages to destroy 3 heavies 2 on the charge and with models that have weapon masters and it hurts..

The only thing I can do is try to protect butcher from all sides by blocking with other models and see if I can do an epic butcher vs colossal match up.

But even with my remaining models chipping at the remains of Eds infantry and colossal butcher is defeated..

A good game that would have been a lot tighter I feel if my jacks lasted longer but Ed had favour with the dice gods and rolled well evan triple 6's at one point, but all in all a good game and happy to have the first game at his new home.

Later on in the evening I was given my christmas present from Ed
this guy!

I was given this before the errata but I was not into mad dog spam any way and can't wait to build this as I recently made a Drago out of the old metal version.
you can view this Here

Looks like christmas will be busy building as I have these two to do as well.

Better crack out the magnets.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wow 5000 + views! Thank you!!

Wow.......I started this blog little over a year ago as a little window into my world of gaming. I can't believe I now have over 5000 views.
 I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and adventures so far and look forward to even more.

Thank you!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Auto Shop.. a £1 shop journey for Cars as terrain.

So now I have batman its time to think of terrain as most of the bits that I have are more fantasy or just futuristic.

Mantic recently released the Walking dead all out war game and a new upgrade terrain set that has plastic cars and other bits like fences and loot tokens. Now at £18 its not bad for what you get but I wanted to see what I can do on the cheap.

Off I went to my local pound shop and stumbled upon these police cars which come in 3 styles. These looked the right scale and at £1 worth a go. So I got 2 packs and set about getting these ready.

First Job was to unscrew the wheels and get the police lights off.

I put the cars in some water to get the stickers off and cleaned up the plastic ready for a spray.

First I undercoated all the cars black as well as the seats and underside of the car.

Once these dried I grabbed all my other army painter sprays and started to give each car their new paint job.

I used army painter Dragon red, Leather brown, Uniform Grey and Wolf Grey.

After they dried they all looked like this.

Fresh of the painting room floor!

Not bad for a few hours work and a couple of pounds. I think they turned out great.

Heres some action shots..

I could defiantly go to town on these adding more detail to the lights etc even maybe get some more and reck them slightly. Loads of ideas for these at the moment.

I could even do a purple lamborghini ....

Looks like I better run back to the pound shop tomorrow and get some more.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Sins Have arrived

Wow what a day.. I go to the door with out warning I was given this mammoth box!

It pretty much says what it is.. My Kickstarter The Others 7 sins from Cool Mini or Not has arrived!

Look at the size of this thing!!

Lets Do this...

I am greeted with some packaging...

More Boxes!

Hiding at the bottom was the core box game to the others that really heavy and 2 Kickstaer exclusive hero models, my apocalypse expansion models that I am really excited about and another heavy box...

All the goodies but theres more!

Open box number two..

Oh hello more toys!!

All the other Sins and Beta and Omega heroes..

minis for days with this box.

Now I could not wait to open the apocalypse expansion box as I saw the resin cast at salute this year so that was the first box to get opened.

Theres just so much great art work throughout this entire game.

Inside you get the stat cards and new tiles for the main game.

Then to the minis well I say minis..

Heres the monsters.

Look at the size off this thing!! 









As one pice plastic models these are awesome. I can't wait to check out all the other models in this kickstarter as if these are anything to go by they will be great.

Time to open some more boxes...