Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Playmats.EU River and Games Mat Review.

As you all may have seen in my review of The Resinarium Bridges terrain review I was using a new 3X3 game mat and River set (which you can buy on the Kickstarter) which was provided by Playmats.EU which I am going to review.

First off lets take a closer look at the gaming mat.
This mat is a 3x3 forest floor style mat made out of mouse mat material with a cloth top and measures around 3mm depth.
The design looks like a forest floor with moss and different bits of undergrowth.

The mat has a nice smooth surface which seems to have a coating of some sort as it has a sheen to it but its easy to move models around with not friction and with it pattern able to fit in most wargaming systems.
The print from a gamers distance looks good with strong colours.

Next up is the River terrain.
These are made from the classic plastic printed top and what looks like a glued foam backed mouse mat.
The print looks nice with a good feel of flowing water.

I noticed that these catch some glare from sunlight and I'm also not sure if these might start to get scratched over time due to the plastic top but as I have not used it much I can not say.
These 2D Rivers are available individually so you can make how ever long or short you need your river to be.
The set here has a some nice combinations that you can make and on the Playmats.Eu site you can even get a Snow themed river set.

Here are some of configurations you can use with The Resinarium Bridges which are on Kickstarter now.

So my thoughts.
The 2D River set is a good addition to your terrain if you need some rivers for you table and as they are cut in small sections and don't take a lot of space. These would be a great addition also if you are backing the up Resinarium Bridges Kickstarter.
The quality of the print looks pretty good but will have to see if any scratches accrue over time.
Some gamers may not like that the rivers are not totally flat to the table as these do have a 2mm depth but to be honest for the price point I think these are fine.
With the design these are good for almost any game system which is always great for your wallet.

The Gaming Mat is what you would expect in terms of mouse mat style rubber mats having a good smooth finish and a print that has strong colours and will complement any forest or field terrain that you may have.
The price point for this is are on par with other manufactures of gaming mats and accessories. Playmats.EU do offer double sided latex gaming mats and the option to customise these which could give you a lot of savings in the long run as well as saving space.

If you are in the market for some 2D terrain or a new gaming mat then why not check out Playmats.EU.

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