Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bring The Metal!

Another night another game! its been great to get some regular games in lately.

Mark and I arrived at Lano's gaming den last week and proceeded to battle it out Menoth vs Khador....Fire vs Ice.

It was steamroller format each of us had a flag caster base to base to score on own flag for one point or dominate the zone or appoints flag for 2 points. First to 5 wins.

Rush to the centre and get to the flag butcher!

Mark trying to unpick the puzzle

In the end Mark felt he could not win after a MVP Koadik throw.....Later on Mark realised he did not use his feat and could have won the game... but in the end we both had fun and learned more about our armies and lists.

This week I was back at Lano's and had some games using Vlad 1 and Butcher 1 vs  Lano's trolls and some pigs from his minion faction. Both of Lano's armies were awesomely painted.

I got to try out some cavalry with Vlad 1 and tweak a few things and again learn about what works and doses not in my list as well as tactically.  I must say on a side note War Room has been so good and easy for me to get lists its one area I found tricky and I can now do this on my travels.

I am glad I managed to get a few games in over the past couple of weeks more then I have been able to play in the last 6 moths or more. I just hope I can keep up with playing over the next coming months as its great to see some mates and play against so many different armies.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Games Games Games!

With Christmas on the horizon there seems to be a ton of games coming out...It seems we are being split for choice with the amount of plastic and metal on offer.

This summer I have been off loading lots of my toys that I know I won't use or play so this has freed up some funds and space.

As I was going through the news and updates on new games coming out I came across this.
Knight models came out with this Batman 2 player game with featuring the suicide squad move. I have had a go of this game before and have loved the models and I love batman of course.

With all that and the amount of minis and card board terrain you get I pressed the botton and order it. As I pre ordered I should also get bat flick batman to!

The models look awesome!

I have found out a few of my gaming buddies have a crew or are either interesting in starting so it looks promising to get this started...

Another game thats been popular over a year or two is guild ball and they are coming out with a 2 player box set full of goodies and at £40 at Dark sphere its a bargain if you want to start.


Now one game that is really anticipated is the return of Blood Bowl...

 I can see this flying off the shelfs but I am hoping it comes in at around the £50 mark as this would compete with the guild ball price and also may tempt me......


This is coming out in November and its a duel kit!

Victor and Conquest!

I must admit I am looking forward to seeing the kit as its in the new plastic which was great to use when I made the Grolar...This maybe on my christmas list but I better be a very good boy..failing that got to sell some more toys!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I got game!

Finally on Saturday I had my first games of Warmachine MK3 and wow Khador can have sooooo many jacks.

The ability to power up you jacks at the start of your tern really helps Khador and not starve a war casters of vital focus.

Prof I played a game!

Getting packed in the middle.

After playing a couple of games I can see terrain is a big thing now and pathfinder is going to be very handy. Also Kodiaks they are awesome now the ability to vent steam when ever and clear lines is great.

Game 2

I do have to get used to being more aggressive in play and not afraid to take a load of jacks in a list as infantry seems to be more of a distraction. One unit that has been upgraded is the Man o Wars which are great when added with the UA no knockdown yes please.

So for my next game I am preparing my Troolbloods starting off with the battle box and then adding my new unit of Fenn Blades which were a pleasure to build and my heavy which I received for my birthday this year...magnets ahoy!

The Trolls getting ready!

I am looking forward to my next games which I hope to be this weekend..its like they say about buses not had a game in along time now a couple in a few weeks!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Signs Of Life..

Hello....Anybody there...

Well its been a while....all I can say for my self is that its been so busy that gaming  has had to take a backseat for a while and as work has been in full swing it has left me contemplating how I can get some hobby time back and fit everything else in as well.

Over the summer (yes its been that long) I have been in the process of selling some of the games and minis that I know I will never get round to playing. In truth it needed to be done to make some space and I have my eye on somethings...Also christmas is soon and I have been asked for a list!

Over the past weeks or so I have been invited to play some Warmachine MK3 now I am ashamed to say I still have not had a MK3 game yet (yes my bad) I really want to try and get a game in soon as I want to see the miracle of Khador having more then one jack on the table now!

Ok so no gaming but I have managed to do a little bit of hobby related things such as try out some water effects. I found a video on line Cheap Water effects which uses cheap pound shop epoxy resin.

I popped into my local pound shop and picked up a couple of packets of resin and decided to base my proxy colossal swamp base. My advice would be to make sure you have a well ventilated area and leave it somewhere like a shed as I left it in my hobby room and the smell is not good.

Good Old Tommy!

Also be careful as you need to mix the two parts slightly and I seemed to not it mix it properly so some of the base looks like ice and other bits are still a bit wet so leave plenty of time to dry and it will self level out.

Still not dry..

So water base try out check next up I cracked out my mantic terrain from the dead zone set and the extra battle zone set I have grabbed some glue and got to work on making some

Now as in most reports about this terrian its not easy to put together and can be frustrating that bits fall off as you are trying to dry fit for ideas. My advise is try not to get to enraged with it. The concept of this terrain is good even if there are flaws like not fitting together perfectly, not getting enough clips and all that. Its great to get terrain that you can use multi level.

I want to use this as some kind of docking yard or general sci fi terrain for now. I will need to figure out a paint scheme for it so will look around for inspiration.

So as you can see not much to report game wise but hopefully over the next few weeks there will be some dice rolling.