Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lead and Plastic Continues.. Khador Man O War Officer..

It seems all I am doing is building minis at the moment.. Up next on the desk is the new Khador Man O War Officer.

Its part resin plastic part metal and has an an impressive axe.. What do you expect its Khador.

In the box one of the shoulder pads, axe, shield and heads are all metal while the main body is plastic.

Putting him together was pretty easy bit the axe and shield hand needed some green stuff and some pinning.

You get the choice of two heads one with the helmet down and one where his face is showing. I chose the later as I liked that more.

All done..
This was a pretty easy build and did not take long which is good...

Hang on a knock on my door.... I just got a delivery...

....Looks like I better keep that drill for pinning handy...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Berserker, Mad Dog, Rager Oh My....

Next up on my to build list is the new plastic kit for the Berserker, Mad Dog and Rager.

As I have said before I am a fan of these new plastic kits for PP as they are really easy to put together and magnetise.

I began by making the main body, legs and arm parts.

This kits  did not take long to get to this stage so no wonder you saw loads of these around quickly before the cost of a mad dog went up in the game.

Next thing was to stick the main body and legs together and stick it to the Evil Mushroom scenic base.

 I then positioned the hands and drilled out the right size holes for the magnets to fit.

Then it was to work to make all the hands and weapons for the different jacks and drilling and gluing magnets in place.

Weapons Of Choice
Mad Dogs Fist of Doom
Ragers Sword and Shield
Berserkers Double Axe

Now all these were done its time for the heads. I have just magnetised the one for now and will get round to the others.

The only thing to do is to strike a pose as the kit is done...

So all my minis are now made...Better get some paint on them.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Magnets all over the place.. More Jacks.

This weekend I continued my Warmachine madness and grabbed my 2 Devastor, Demolisher and Spriggan kit and again got a bit magnet happy.. These are the old plastic kits and not the nice new plastic kits that Privateer Press are now using.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hobby And Time..

Its been a few months... As things usually go things crop up and you don't get any time to dedicate to your hobby. For the past few months it has been work, DIY  and the festive activities that has stopped me playing and painting any minis.

The time off the hobby though has made me question do I really need all these games?
i know there will always be that voice in all wargamers saying yes...get that new awesome game or model but will it ever get used?

So cleaning out my hobby room I decided enough is enough lets get realistic on what I will be able to play with my local meta and am I really going to have the time to learn and play these games.

So up went load of my board games and models on Ebay and off the went.

I have decided to keep my main game as Warmachine/hordes but will also get into a bit of fantasy, blood bowl and get a few games of batman here and there*. 
(*subjet to change ;) )

I think having one main game is easier to mange rule wise as I have bad memory so cutting down will I hope allow me to keep a better focus.

This weekend however I did manage to get some models made and ready for the table top, unpainted but ready.

I have a new recruits for my Khador army of a Morter Crew and a Field Gun Crew to add some more fire power to my winter guard.

Also at the back we have the FennBlade Ua and Drummer ready to march to war with my Trollbloods..

So starting to dip my toe back in and now with more room and focus on fewer games l hope I can get more minis painted and played with on the tabletop.