Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lead and Plastic Continues.. Khador Man O War Officer..

It seems all I am doing is building minis at the moment.. Up next on the desk is the new Khador Man O War Officer.

Its part resin plastic part metal and has an an impressive axe.. What do you expect its Khador.

In the box one of the shoulder pads, axe, shield and heads are all metal while the main body is plastic.

Putting him together was pretty easy bit the axe and shield hand needed some green stuff and some pinning.

You get the choice of two heads one with the helmet down and one where his face is showing. I chose the later as I liked that more.

All done..
This was a pretty easy build and did not take long which is good...

Hang on a knock on my door.... I just got a delivery...

....Looks like I better keep that drill for pinning handy...

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