Monday, 9 July 2018

Atlantis Miniatures Dwarf Review.....Plus A Look At Their New Kickstarter

For those who are new to Atlantis Miniatures they are a UK based company that focuses on making high quality resin fantasy miniatures.
Atlantis Miniatures range goes from Dragons, Goblins, Orcs, creatures from Mythology to trolls and yes Dwarfs...

As I seem to be getting a lot of experience with Dwarf miniatures as of late Atlantis Miniatures were kind enough to send me a mix pack of Dwarfs from their catalog to take a look at.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The best thing about Heroquest.....

Gamers of a certain age have found memoeries of starting their journeys with Heroquest who can forget this advert!

Well during the days before ebay (yes a long time ago it feels) I picked up a copy of Heroquest for I think £5 at the time I must have been 10. 
 I remember playing with the mins and board playing my own games not to the rules as alias I had no one to play the game with as no one I knew like gaming...

After a time it went in the loft and when I went to surch for it again a few years later.....It was gone thrown out after my parents decided to clear out the loft....Nooooo...

Its now 20 odd years later and I have been wanting to get a dungeon crawler for a while. As I was in the market for this type of game I thought I would have a look out for Heroquest.

The price of the game has skyrocketed so after scouted Ebay for a while for a bargain my luck came in..

I put a cheeky bid in for a copy of Heroquest the Advanced Quest edition wth extra minis and quests and I won...

Lets just say I was eager for it to arrive..

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mini Gangs By Ramshakle Games Review

There are lots of games out there with fantastic miniatures and some rule books that take a while to really get to grips with playing.

This can sometimes put off a lot of new gamers and even make it hard to introduce younger people into wargaming.

Well Ramshackle games may have the answer to help get new players into wargaming while also being able to keep the most seasoned wargaming veteran happy with their game Mini Gangs.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Review: Model Box War Theme Unboxing

War what is is good for....Well if you subscribe to Model Box it will be very good for you as this months theme from this monthly subscription service is you guessed it War!