Friday, 19 May 2017

Bring out ya dead..

After playing mecca's undead army I pulled out all of my mantic undead models and got some paint on them. I have had some of these minis for a while and there just doing nothing I might as well use them for a small vampire counts army.

It's also a distraction from my dwarfs as I am not really looking forward to painting all of them...


Thats a lot of grey and black....

I started on my skeletons and used the white army painter primer and Nihilakh Oxide to give that ghostly effect.


It was not to long that I got all 70 finished..

I already had some zombies painted up for my Nurgle army but these were on round bases so it was a case of movement trays with round holes..

It was also a task to build loads of the Zombies that I have not got round to making. I also used some 40mm bases to fill out the units.

Next up was a necromancer or two. I had this reaper bones model that I was going to use for frostgrave but this gave me an excuse to paint it.

A couple of base colours and wash later hey presto...

As I am not to sure on army list etc I thought it would be cool to go for two necromancers  and as I have lots of cultist minis form 40k I chose this guy to me necromancer number two..

Yes I know he is on a round base but he is not glued down so will be on a square soon..

So all in all I have 2 necromancers, 70 skeletons, 100 zombies (another 40 plus left to make) 5 wreaths and bolt thrower..

I know from what I have been told its not a lot of points etc but when I get a few more games in with my dwarfs and fancy a change at least I have another army ready to go and I can proxy units I am sure like my mantic badgers as undead wolves or something..

Anyway it looks like I will be painting some dead flesh in the not so distant future...

Friday, 12 May 2017

Paint the town red, gold with a little silver.

On the painting table this week was my Man O War unit and Man O War Officer attachment.

I was fed up seeing them undercoated in red on the table top and thought they deserved some attention.

This was one of the first Khador units I had and it was getting little silly that they had not seen the paint brush.

I wanted to paint them quick as time at the moment is a little tight so its basic 3 colours and wash.


As these were getting painted I thought I might as well finish the unit and moved on to my recently aquired Man o War officer too.

All that needs doing now is the bases..Not bad for an hour or so of painting. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Salute the Swag and the best table..well i like it.

The Salute bag this year came with 2 minis one from Warlord Games of a Russian Lady as a flag bearer and a model from Wild West Exodus and of course the dice which to be honest I was a little disappointed with as it just had a star on the 6.

At the show I picked up a free copy of Wild West Exodus rule book for free and as I signed up I will get a hard copy of the 2nd edition book as well free..
This obviously goes well with the free mini which looks really nice.

A Really Nice Model here

I also picked these free Zombies at the Mantic Stand.

I did treat my self while I was there and picked up some terrain from 4ground. I did say to my self no more terrain but I have loved this stuff for ages and after seeing the stand and talking to Ben at 4 ground I took the plunge.

so as you can see i was a good boy this year really.

Some times even I am not to sure ,what to do with the free models from Salute but when I got back It did not take me long to crack open the box and paint her up as a proxy Winter Guard UA for my khador army.

So thats it another salute for another year but before I finish this post I have to show you pictures of my favourite table at salute from the Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club......

Can you guess what film inspired this table?

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Salute Part 3 Fabled Realms Demo and more...

Off  I went to the table for a quick demo game

I was playing with the Druggoi the infected band of monsters that where once men.

I called him Fluffy

 I was facing was called Eightfold Path who are religious order with valiant warriors.

The scenario is set up where we are partly through a game turn. The Druggoi are set up ready to charge in to battle with their teeth and claws.

Its my first turn and I decided to run in with my big guy and his unit to meet the unit on the left hand side.
As I declare my action my appoints use their magic half ling to interrupt and send a fire ball in my path.

We roll off and the ball of fire takes a wound from my big guy (he has 5 so all good)
I carry on with the charge.

I have more action points but my second unit gets charged and the round of hacking begins.
now each model has a number of dice to through and depending on the colour it gives more chances of success. The good thing is that it is balanced as no matter how many success you get with one roll it only counts as one wound unless you get a skull which is a critical hit and adds another.

As we smack away one of my Druggoi dies from the sustained attacks. I decided to use my first unit to attack from behind to get reinforcements into the fight but my appoint interrupts with an action point to charge the unit first. We roll off to see who goes first.. I win the roll so I charge into the unit and my opponents charge to where they think I am am but i'm gone..

The Druggoi do what they do best start smashing through the enemies. Another good mechanic is if an opponents model dies you can roll to see if it becomes infected and you can then add another Druggoi which is cool.

One lone model from the Eightfold Path stays and fights his name is Samule and I can tell you he did not want to die slaying models and fainting hits..


The rest of the Eightfold Path run in to help Samule with the fight.

 We both uses our spell cards to faint attacks and give us more powerful attacks as well as block attacks. It's still a back and fourth more models die but Samule will not go down!! He is the MVP so far in this game..

Finally after 3 more rounds of back and fourth combat Samule dies along with his fellow comrade at arms but not before he hits one more time and kills another Druggoi before he goes down...

What a good game it was a back and forth even though I sourrnded my opponent for most of the game. The dice really balance everything even with modifiers so you can still come through and survive.  

I think I will have to keep an eye on this in June on kickstarter.

After the game I took one final look around

And a table that Riot will like..

So that was my time at Salute 2017. It felt a lot more open planned this year with more space to walk around. In my next post I will show you all my swag and I was a good boy and did not spend to much honest!

After My 10 hours or so of gaming goodness I was off to Lano's for a BBQ and my first game of Warhammer Fantasy ever (yes I am late to the party) where I was kindly allowed to use Riots awesomely painted Orges agains Macca's undead army..

It was great fun and I really enjoyed it but all I can say is Zombies.... Zombies Everywhere!!!