Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017 Part 1

On Saturday Salute 2017 was upon us. I got up a stupid o Clock and made my way down to the excel centre for a day of gaming heaven.

I arrived really early and was in in the front of the line but it soon begin to fill up in the hall.

It hits 10 am and we are ushered into the main hall to start exploring the stalls and tables at Salute.

Entering the hall we are welcomed by a familiar face.

Walking around salute the demo games and gaming tables really looked great.

At the TTCombat stand they were showing off their new game Rumble Slam based on good old fashion wrestling...

Hey Brother!
Can you feel the madness?

Rest In Peace...

This is Rumble Slammmm!

Seige Studios were on hand again showing there jaw dropping paint work.

Black Scorpion were on show with there amazing pirate mini's as well as there new wild west minis that are on kickstarter at the moment for the game Tombstone.

I Then turn round and I saw these minis... just amazing....

No words can say how amazing these look in person.

Right where to next......

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Butchers coming to get you!

After the big delivery of more minis to my door I could not wait to get the big man made with his 2 puppies.

This is an all metal kit and I could see that this many be a bit difficult to put together due to the joints in the minis.  Green stuff, super glue and my hobby drill to hand its was time to build.

It was obvious what goes where and the metal scenic part for butcher to stand on and the sand bags for one of the puppies are really nice.

I had to drill into the stand for the butcher as the holes did not match with his feet.

Lets just say its a heavy model as there is a lot of metal here. His axe arm was pinned and green stuffed to help stay in place.
I am loving the pose on this.

The puppies were in a few pieces and the heads needed a bit of green stuff to stay in place but over all not to bad.

There are some big gaps in these models but I am sure these can be sorted.

Next is adding some sand on the bases and a spray. I am going Army painter Dragon Red for butcher and Leather Brown for the dogs.

Butcher is probably my favourite caster he is big brash and he hits hard and is a tank. I can't wait to cause some havoc on the battle field.

Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lead and Plastic Continues.. Khador Man O War Officer..

It seems all I am doing is building minis at the moment.. Up next on the desk is the new Khador Man O War Officer.

Its part resin plastic part metal and has an an impressive axe.. What do you expect its Khador.

In the box one of the shoulder pads, axe, shield and heads are all metal while the main body is plastic.

Putting him together was pretty easy bit the axe and shield hand needed some green stuff and some pinning.

You get the choice of two heads one with the helmet down and one where his face is showing. I chose the later as I liked that more.

All done..
This was a pretty easy build and did not take long which is good...

Hang on a knock on my door.... I just got a delivery...

....Looks like I better keep that drill for pinning handy...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Berserker, Mad Dog, Rager Oh My....

Next up on my to build list is the new plastic kit for the Berserker, Mad Dog and Rager.

As I have said before I am a fan of these new plastic kits for PP as they are really easy to put together and magnetise.

I began by making the main body, legs and arm parts.

This kits  did not take long to get to this stage so no wonder you saw loads of these around quickly before the cost of a mad dog went up in the game.

Next thing was to stick the main body and legs together and stick it to the Evil Mushroom scenic base.

 I then positioned the hands and drilled out the right size holes for the magnets to fit.

Then it was to work to make all the hands and weapons for the different jacks and drilling and gluing magnets in place.

Weapons Of Choice
Mad Dogs Fist of Doom
Ragers Sword and Shield
Berserkers Double Axe

Now all these were done its time for the heads. I have just magnetised the one for now and will get round to the others.

The only thing to do is to strike a pose as the kit is done...

So all my minis are now made...Better get some paint on them.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Magnets all over the place.. More Jacks.

This weekend I continued my Warmachine madness and grabbed my 2 Devastor, Demolisher and Spriggan kit and again got a bit magnet happy.. These are the old plastic kits and not the nice new plastic kits that Privateer Press are now using.

These kits are pretty easy to put together and instructions on the back of the boxes are ok but not as detailed as the new black and white sheets you get now.

Most of the parts need a little bit of a clean up ad clipping which did not take long.

I chose to super glue the head on the main body instead of magnetising them as they are going to be covered by the different hoods any way. The smoke funnel just slots into place as well as the legs to the body. There is also some little piston bits that fit in the back of the main arms.

Next was the task of using my hobby screw driver to get the holes the correct size for the magnets.
The shield arms are glued at the shoulder plates and all the hoods have a small magnet placed in the small gap. 
I decided to only magnetise one of the fist as this is the only one needed to be changed when adding the lance for the spriggan.

For the shoulder pads I shaved done a bit under neath and added a paper clip so the magnet on the shoulder of the jacks body would work.

Next it was just a case of sticking my jack to my Evil Mushroom Games base.

All the parts Super glued

A magnet added to the shoulder

Magnet in the fist and side of arm

Now all the parts that needed to be glued have now dried and all the magnets in place its time to assemble the jacks.




After making these I released just how easy and great the new plastic kits are compared to these old plastic kits. I am not saying these are bad but PP have done wonders with their new kits which are easy to cut have easy to follow instructions which make it so much easier to build jacks.

So one down one to go... I look forward to bring some armour 25 jacks to the table :)