Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Good one shaggy.

At salute this year I popped over to Hasslefree miniatures and picked up their Wosley miniature aka a fella very smiler to a cartoon character who solves crimes with a big dog...

I have gone for the classic look for this guy and added some turf and texture paint to the base. This mini will defiantly be used as my model of choice for any role playing game or zombie apocolypes game.

Check out Hasslefree miniatures here.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Warmachine and Hordes MK3 1 week to go...

Its now only one week away from the official release of the new edition of Warmachine and Hordes. Now the rules have been out since the 12th June but its going to be great to get my hands on the new Khador battle box.

I have seen a few battle reports online and info about what has happened to khador like Iron flesh is now an a ARM buff rather then a DEF which makes sense fluff wise. It seems that khador have a few casters that give pathfinder now.

As for the rules I like the fact it seems more of a tidy up rather then sweeping changes such as haveing to be on top of a hill fully to gain the DEF bonus and pre measuring brings a whole new flavour to the game. Also terrain now be it blocking or not is allowed in zones which will make games more interesting.

The point system is interesting as battle boxes are now at 0 points from which you build to what is the standard game size now of 75 points.
The new ability to have a power up for jacks giving a free focus at the maintenance phase will really help my Khador army as I only could usually run one jack due to lack of focus but now I am rubbing my hands with this opportunity to bring more metal to the table.

The new battle boxes look great with the new colour plastics and the additions of a gaming mat, full rules and quick start guide, focus and spell tokens,  ruler and not forgetting dice at £25-30 is a great deal......

So as you can tell I am looking forward to getting some games in over the summer of warmachine.....but whats that I hear the earth rumbling.......

Yep I am also jumping into Hordes with the mighty TrollBloods!! Not just going to be painting red any more.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Midlam miniatures

Sorting through my lead and plastic pile from salute this year I had the pleasure of painting these lovely minis from Midlam Miniatures.





These minis were a pleasure to paint and a bargain at £2 . Midlcm Miniatures do a wonderful range from dwarfs to humans perfect for any fantasy game and a range of products to help with you gaming needs. If you are after any fantasy figures definitely check out the website at Midlam Miniatures

Saturday, 4 June 2016


This week I went back to the well or should I say tin that has been the gift that has kept on giving. The big tin I found of minis in the charity shop.

I went for some of the big guys this week.

first up was a Cave Troll from LOTR which needed a tidy as well as it being striped of its Airfix paint which took a few hours. After the clean up it was a quick re sprayed and started work. It does seem some time in its life the chain snapped and it looks like a glue gun was used to put it back together but never mind.

Next up was another troll but this was a big metal beast. I am not sure the name of this troll from LOTR but it was on a rally beaten up base and was heavily covered in a thick glop of paint and needed to be dipped for a few days. it had at least 3 layers of paint on it.

Going for a dip.

After it was striped of paint I went about making a chain wipp from some chaos rhino parts and under coated the troll black.

still not fully clean


As I had to try and cover some sins of the previous paint job and I wanted to try out the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust I thought it would be a good chance to try and nurgle up or make this troll look old an nasty.

I started off by painting the armour in chain mail silver and the skin in Rakarth flesh and the cloth in Knarloc green and added a wash of Agraxearth shade. I am trying to get that dirty look but theres a fine line between a dirty look which works to where it just looks a mess.

After using the rust and corrosion effects which work really great I added some of the chain mail silver to try and get a chipped effect.


Overall this was an experimental paint job to see how the paints worked together and from what I learnt I can see this being used on any future nurgle minis or if I want to make any industrial bases or terrain.

Another good thing about this is now I have 2 trolls to play with and I think now there are only 2 riders of Rohan and then all of the LOTR figures I got from the tin are finished.