Saturday, 6 August 2016

Random Painted Minis

In this world of a tech driven society we are used to accumulating tons of usb keys and hard drives. Gone are they days of floppy disk (for the young that was a stored disk that held a massive 1.5 mb of data) where you had a good bit of space to write what was on it.

After sorting some of them out I found some old pics of some of the first models I painted when I got back into the hobby. These were my first proper go at painting as I never really had done it before so I just dived in.

First up was the agent that came with the Assault on Black Reach set which I did in a non traditional colour as I did not have ultramarine blue. No washes were used at all.


After I pained that set thats when I wanted to start Chaos marines and got to work on the old metal Deamon Prince.


I remember I had to use some filler (I did not know about green stuff yet) to fill in the gaps between the neck and shoulders and pined the hand and sword which was not easy.

Next up was one of my first Chaos Captains for my Nurgle Army.


Last but not least was Typhus. I decided to start having a go at making better bases and as this was such a cool model I wanted the base to reflect that so I used sand stone for this.


 I went to town making sure there was blood oozing from the cracks and added zombie pieces to the base as well as the little avatar.

It was a nice surprise to see these pics as I have not seen them in a long time. It was also a nice reminder of where I started and looking at how I have learnt a few tricks to help me along the way.