Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dwarves out for a run... 1000 points (quick game)

Yesterday I was at Lano's to run out my Dwarves for their first 1000 point game.
My list consisted off  a Rune lord, Thane with BSB, 20 Warriors with full command, 10 Quarrellers with a musician, 10 Hammerers with full command a Gyrocopter and a organ gun.

I had a choice to go against Lano's High Elf's or his Lizard Men..I chose Lizard men as I wanted to see how these guys fight and Lano's painting is always good especially on these minis.

so we set up and got ready to play.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Bring out ya dead..

After playing mecca's undead army I pulled out all of my mantic undead models and got some paint on them. I have had some of these minis for a while and there just doing nothing I might as well use them for a small vampire counts army.

It's also a distraction from my dwarfs as I am not really looking forward to painting all of them...


Thats a lot of grey and black....

I started on my skeletons and used the white army painter primer and Nihilakh Oxide to give that ghostly effect.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Paint the town red, gold with a little silver.

On the painting table this week was my Man O War unit and Man O War Officer attachment.

I was fed up seeing them undercoated in red on the table top and thought they deserved some attention.

This was one of the first Khador units I had and it was getting little silly that they had not seen the paint brush.

I wanted to paint them quick as time at the moment is a little tight so its basic 3 colours and wash.


As these were getting painted I thought I might as well finish the unit and moved on to my recently aquired Man o War officer too.

All that needs doing now is the bases..Not bad for an hour or so of painting. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Salute the Swag and the best table..well i like it.

The Salute bag this year came with 2 minis one from Warlord Games of a Russian Lady as a flag bearer and a model from Wild West Exodus and of course the dice which to be honest I was a little disappointed with as it just had a star on the 6.