Monday, 2 January 2017

Blood Bowl! My light post Christmas hobby time

During the Christmas holidays I was lucky enough to get my hands on Blood Bowl and as is during the season you sit in front of the TV watching some re run of a show so I thought right I have had enough lets get my new Blood Bowl Minis out.

The minis look great and clicked together like the assault on black reach kit but with tons more detail and much easier to fit together.

You get the template sprue but also 4 spurs 2 for the human team and 2 for the Orc team. Both spurs  are the same so you get two of the same model design.

It was lucky that I bought some new clippers before chrsitmas which came in handy and I can tell you these were so easy to clip. I used some glue to make sure the mins won't go any where but to be honest you can get away with not doing that.

The character design  of the models are great the size of the Orcs are huge and their poses are menacing while the human team look slim compared.

Once all the parts were separated for each mini it did not take long to build the teams as the guide in the rule book is clear and it also helps you only need to click 3 bits together to make a model.

Here is some close ups of the human team.

Here are some close ups of the Orc team.

As I said you see there is tons of detail on these minis and they will be a treat to paint.The use of coloured plastic is also a great idea so you can play once you have built the minis right away and not get confused what minis what on the pitch.

Looking forward in Blood Bowls future today I have seen the new Dwarf Team from the Warhammer World open day and all I can say is this is that GW are on fire at the moment. 

So now its time to get garb a cup of tea and get cracking on the rule book.