Monday, 29 February 2016

Warhammer World Part Deux (Assault Of The Essex Legion)

On Saturday I woke up stupid early and traveled with Mr2key to meet up with the Essex legion for the clubs trip to Warhammer world. For me and Mr2key this was our second visit in under 4 months.
The departure time was 7 am but we had to leave a little late due to a few late comers. Lano *cough*

We all arrived a bit cold and ready to take in the atmosphere.

Once we got our bags of toys at our gaming tables we were off to the museum and I can you the second time is just as impressive and I seemed to notice even more on the dioramas. It was great to see everyone wide eyed and gob smacked at the displays. God knows what I must have looked like when I first saw them...

Space Hulk

The Boss

This Is insane!

Who's Going To Win This?

The Wolves Have A Bug Problem

All talk on the bus was about the release of the new Deathwatch game with the new Genestealer cults and I can tell you the models look stunning.

I got a demo and it's kind of like Space Hulk mixed with Executioner force. Real easy to pick up and play. As I was playing I even was featured on the Warhammer world official Facebook page.

Lunch at Bugmans was the next port of call as you can't war game on an empty stomach now can you.

Lots of 40k games were being played in the great hall due to a campaign weekend so the Legion mixed in and played along side.

I sat with the guys and had a look at some now old school Fantasy

Phil was playing Dwarfs vs Lano's Lizards and Mr2key with his Goblins vs Lee's Britonions


An Example of Mr2Keys Amazing Paint Work.
This Little Fella Was Mr2Keys MVP Killing a Level 4 Wizard!!

Example of Lano's Dice Rolls (He Needed 3's)
So Amazing
I Wish These Were Still Made

                      As the Fantasy games were being played I was interested in Phil's dwarfs as I have some sitting around in a box and as I have never played fantasy (shock horror) I wanted to give it a go.
At the end of Phil and Lano's game I got a good idea of the game mechanics and decided right I am going to dust of my dwarfs and have a go when I get back.

Stop.......Hammer Time...
So after a long day of gaming and drooling over Forge World it was time to make our way back to the bus.

On the bus talk again was about the new Deathwatch game, how badly chaos needs a new codex (please!) and how great the museum was.

The one idea that was talked about on the bus which my wallets not going to like is starting 30k at the club. There seems to be a lot of interest with club members with a number of different armies being represented.
So I throw down and said right if I can save up I going Sons of Horus for the win...or may be Russ.....

We got back to the club at around 8pm. A bit tired, a little cold and excited about the battles won and lost as well as all the future games to be played..

I want to say thanks to Neil, Grant, James, Ben and Phil at the Legion for organising a great day out and look forward to the next trip.
A special thanks to Mr2key and Mr2key senior who with out there kind offers of driving me to the club I would not have been able to go..

I do have a next trip idea for the club how about this idea Warhammer Fest in May?

Friday, 19 February 2016

Frostgrave PT 3

As I prepare for Frostgrave I have been watching a few bat raps and in one of the games it had 6 statues which randomly came alive and attacked once you pick up some treasure.

This got me thinking. When I bought the castle at Christmas for this game it came with some knights that I would probably never use so I thought well they will be just sitting there and they seem to be in a good scale size to make some statues.

I started off by glueing and basing the models on to 50mm bases. Some uniform grey spray from army painter was used and a splash of army painter white to get a snow like effect.

Hay presto instant and quick statues.

As objectives are the main aim in the game I looked around eBay I found some resin treasure chests for a couple of pounds. I was supposed to get 10 but some how got 14. Result!

I glued these to some 25mm MDF bases and sprayed grey (my new primer colour of choice) I added some brown and chaos black to the leather straps with a little bit of shining gold for the locks. Then with a splash of snow done.

I was thinking as I finished my war band I probably will need some crossbow man. As I am doing this on the cheap I raided my collection and found these two fellas for my crossbow man.

This little project turned out pretty well for a quick job I just need to paint these dwarfs up now and still got to sort through what spells I want to use..

Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome To The Deadzone Pt 3

This weekend I started to have ago at building the terrain in the Deadzone box set. I have heard that this will need a little care when clipping and cleaning the pieces as the hard plastic can be a bit tough.

After cutting all the parts an cleaning I went about dry fitting the pieces together. I can tell you that the connectors that come with the kit can be tricky to fit and sometimes they did not connect properly so you do have to do some jigging and cutting. Also another fact is that you don't get that many of the connectors which is a shame as it does limit build options and if they snap which some did it can be a little frustrating.

Luckily before I started to build this terrain I made this landing pad which gave me lots of spare corner joints.

As you can see it's massive! Unfortunately even with this kit like the Deadzone terrain it did not come with enough straight connectors. I had to use some of the feet connectors and super glue to strengthen it in the end.
The picture on the bag made it looked like it should have came with more wall parts to make the barricade where the gun sits behind. I am not sure if I am missing a sprue or not as there are no instructions with any of the kits from mantic at present to check this.

After dry fitting everything I decided to go for this lay out. It has a tower and a few single block buildings and walls to give as much cover as I can get.

As its advertised as modular terrain it does the job but I would not recommend keep changing it around as un doing what you have made can cause the connectors to snap so defiantly plan then dry fit a little and use supper glue.

I do have another box of this terrain so this has been a good test run. I am going to plan out a design before I start work on that as it has a lot more goodies so I will try and add to what I have made so far.

So the terrain is now built, models are primed and ready all that's needed is to enter the Deadzone.