Monday, 22 January 2018

Toxic Pool Terrain Build.

Carrying on with my January terrain building I wanted to have a go at making some terrain from scratch.
After watching Luke APS on youtube I thought I would have a go at making some Toxic pools ideal for the planned Shadow War Armageddon game coming up.

In the video most of the bits needed come form the pound shop or The Works which luckily one has just opened near me.

From some previous planned projects I had some round an oval wooden bases handy so I used these as the base to make the pool.
I used DAS which is an air drying clay which is very easy to use and pretty cheap but you do need to make sure you wet your hands to shape it though.

In not to long a time I had them ready and now had to wait a day for them to dry.

Hunting around charity shops I found this DIY strew builder kit and thought the tubes would be perfect for pipes.

Next up again from watching another one of Luke APS videos I used his recipe to make my own Sterling Mud from pound shop filler, paint and sand. 
I applied this all over the DAS to give the pools some lecture.

Next up I undercoated everything black and painted the Pipes adding some rust effects and used some Snot green for the base of the pool. I also went over the edges with a cheap umber brown and dry brushed it with Bleached Bone.

Next up it was adding the resin. I am using the pound shop stuff which I found mixing with nail polish remover makes it work a lot better. I also added some green wash in the mix.

As it was setting I added some pearls that are used in card making and painted them yellow to make it look like toxic bubbles and got the glue gun out to make toxic sludge flowing from the pipes.

This is the results..

Well I don't think they turned out that bad for my first go.. Hopefully this will add more atmosphere to the game with Riot coming up and any other Sci fi game i want to play.

More terrain on the way as I carrying on with the January terrain build marathon.


riot ville said...

Mate they look brilliant!!!

I have a couple of 'Battle field in a box' toxic pools to add to the table and have also been having a crack at some scrath built stuff!

Can't wait to see the whole lot plonked down on a table.

Shaggy said...

Cheers mate! Got a bit more terrian to show soon but it won't be scratched this time.

This table will be packed! I look forward to seeing what you are making.