Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Sins Have arrived

Wow what a day.. I go to the door with out warning I was given this mammoth box!

It pretty much says what it is.. My Kickstarter The Others 7 sins from Cool Mini or Not has arrived!

Look at the size of this thing!!

Lets Do this...

I am greeted with some packaging...

More Boxes!

Hiding at the bottom was the core box game to the others that really heavy and 2 Kickstaer exclusive hero models, my apocalypse expansion models that I am really excited about and another heavy box...

All the goodies but theres more!

Open box number two..

Oh hello more toys!!

All the other Sins and Beta and Omega heroes..

minis for days with this box.

Now I could not wait to open the apocalypse expansion box as I saw the resin cast at salute this year so that was the first box to get opened.

Theres just so much great art work throughout this entire game.

Inside you get the stat cards and new tiles for the main game.

Then to the minis well I say minis..

Heres the monsters.

Look at the size off this thing!! 









As one pice plastic models these are awesome. I can't wait to check out all the other models in this kickstarter as if these are anything to go by they will be great.

Time to open some more boxes...

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah....

As I walked in the door form work I get a little letter through the door saying a parcel has been left outside of all places in the rain...Thanks delivery guys!!

I knew straight away what is was and here it is. Batman Miniatures Games Suicide Squad!!

You are treated to straight away with a huge box that has a heavy bulk to it and great art work.

Opening it up you are greeted with the rule book, stat cards, cardboard tokens and buildings.

Underneath is the Batman exclusive pre order card for Batflick..Now to the main event underneath the foam are all the metal goodies.

Bat flick!!

Look at all that metal!

I'm Batman

Slipknot, Killer Croc, Diablo, Harley

The Joker

I love the way they have kept to the colour pallet of the film and made the plastic so it can hold the minis in individual sections.

Only a few of these minis are one piece models the rest are a mixture of many arms half bodies and no heads that need assembling by a steady hand.

A cool feature for Dead Shot is you have a choice of two heads with or with out the mask but I think it would be best to choose one as you will need really small magnets for each head. 

Also in here are the set of Joker dice with bullet holes and Joker face on the 6...Strangely they have a horrible chemical smell to them? Its not Joker toxin I hope!!

The bases in this box are all textured the same so should be nice and easy to paint and keep the models all in theme.

At the bottom is Captain Boomerang which I only found later on.

I can't find me unicorn...

I think Knight Models has done a great job with this box set. The art work and design of the set is awesome and the minis do look good but obviously the test is what they look like when a non studio painter puts paint on them.

The full mini sized rule book looks great and is in full of colour carrying on the theme of the box art and covers all rules in the Batman game with special scenarios for the Suicide Squad minis.

I was also happy to find that this rule book has the game board that made me go oooooh a few years ago Jokers Carnival!

I can't wait to assemble all of these minis and start playing but I do have some ideas for these guys...

As soon as I saw them I wanted to convert them in to these robot dudes who play synths...

What do you think a good idea?

If your into Batman like I am this is worth a look..I know there is mixed feelings about the film its self but this is a good gateway to the Batman Game or as you can see by the way the box is designed I am sure you can be more then happy keeping it as a standalone game.

Well I think its time to suit up and put on my best batman voice and get assembling...

Hang on theres a knock at the door... be right back...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

More Jacks and chains..

This weekend I wanted to get some painting in and I wanted to do it quick while experimenting with trying to covert a warlock for my Khador army.

The plan was to convert a Bezerker jack into Drago for my Vlad list. Now I know Drago is bigger then a Bezerker especially the old metal model that I used but hey I will give it a go.

So I did my usually undercoat of army painter and set to work..well first it was a trip to Hobby Craft.
Drago has chains all over his arms and other parts of the body and some skulls around his neck as well as two axes that are the same as the Bezerker.

As my Bezerker had two different style axes my thoughts were to grab some small chain from Hobby Craft and wrap this round one axe and add some around the jack to make him more like Drago.

After I got the chain I set about glueing them into place and adding a skull necklace using some zombie heads from Mantic and a space wolves fur trophy.

When I was happy with the design i set about copying the paint scheme in some areas so you can make out what the warlock is on the table top.

So heres my attempt.

I think the chains worked out well. I used Ryza rust and Typhus Corrosion on the chain to give and old rusty warn out feel. 

Its not perfect but it was a cool experiment with the chains and paint job. I decided to glue the chains on before undercoating the model which probably was the best thing to do but it did make it tricky to paint silver then rusty effect afterwards.

So another war jack is added to the ranks. My Bezerker/Drago is ready to hack and slash in the name of the mother land.