Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Sins Have arrived

Wow what a day.. I go to the door with out warning I was given this mammoth box!

It pretty much says what it is.. My Kickstarter The Others 7 sins from Cool Mini or Not has arrived!

Look at the size of this thing!!

Lets Do this...

I am greeted with some packaging...

More Boxes!

Hiding at the bottom was the core box game to the others that really heavy and 2 Kickstaer exclusive hero models, my apocalypse expansion models that I am really excited about and another heavy box...

All the goodies but theres more!

Open box number two..

Oh hello more toys!!

All the other Sins and Beta and Omega heroes..

minis for days with this box.

Now I could not wait to open the apocalypse expansion box as I saw the resin cast at salute this year so that was the first box to get opened.

Theres just so much great art work throughout this entire game.

Inside you get the stat cards and new tiles for the main game.

Then to the minis well I say minis..

Heres the monsters.

Look at the size off this thing!! 









As one pice plastic models these are awesome. I can't wait to check out all the other models in this kickstarter as if these are anything to go by they will be great.

Time to open some more boxes...


riot ville said...

WOW. That Death model looks a bit special!

Shaggy said...

Really pleased with this kickstarter... just so many to look at!