Sunday, 13 November 2016

More Jacks and chains..

This weekend I wanted to get some painting in and I wanted to do it quick while experimenting with trying to covert a warlock for my Khador army.

The plan was to convert a Bezerker jack into Drago for my Vlad list. Now I know Drago is bigger then a Bezerker especially the old metal model that I used but hey I will give it a go.

So I did my usually undercoat of army painter and set to work..well first it was a trip to Hobby Craft.
Drago has chains all over his arms and other parts of the body and some skulls around his neck as well as two axes that are the same as the Bezerker.

As my Bezerker had two different style axes my thoughts were to grab some small chain from Hobby Craft and wrap this round one axe and add some around the jack to make him more like Drago.

After I got the chain I set about glueing them into place and adding a skull necklace using some zombie heads from Mantic and a space wolves fur trophy.

When I was happy with the design i set about copying the paint scheme in some areas so you can make out what the warlock is on the table top.

So heres my attempt.

I think the chains worked out well. I used Ryza rust and Typhus Corrosion on the chain to give and old rusty warn out feel. 

Its not perfect but it was a cool experiment with the chains and paint job. I decided to glue the chains on before undercoating the model which probably was the best thing to do but it did make it tricky to paint silver then rusty effect afterwards.

So another war jack is added to the ranks. My Bezerker/Drago is ready to hack and slash in the name of the mother land.

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