Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bring The Metal!

Another night another game! its been great to get some regular games in lately.

Mark and I arrived at Lano's gaming den last week and proceeded to battle it out Menoth vs Khador....Fire vs Ice.

It was steamroller format each of us had a flag caster base to base to score on own flag for one point or dominate the zone or appoints flag for 2 points. First to 5 wins.

Rush to the centre and get to the flag butcher!

Mark trying to unpick the puzzle

In the end Mark felt he could not win after a MVP Koadik throw.....Later on Mark realised he did not use his feat and could have won the game... but in the end we both had fun and learned more about our armies and lists.

This week I was back at Lano's and had some games using Vlad 1 and Butcher 1 vs  Lano's trolls and some pigs from his minion faction. Both of Lano's armies were awesomely painted.

I got to try out some cavalry with Vlad 1 and tweak a few things and again learn about what works and doses not in my list as well as tactically.  I must say on a side note War Room has been so good and easy for me to get lists its one area I found tricky and I can now do this on my travels.

I am glad I managed to get a few games in over the past couple of weeks more then I have been able to play in the last 6 moths or more. I just hope I can keep up with playing over the next coming months as its great to see some mates and play against so many different armies.

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