Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Games Games Games!

With Christmas on the horizon there seems to be a ton of games coming out...It seems we are being split for choice with the amount of plastic and metal on offer.

This summer I have been off loading lots of my toys that I know I won't use or play so this has freed up some funds and space.

As I was going through the news and updates on new games coming out I came across this.
Knight models came out with this Batman 2 player game with featuring the suicide squad move. I have had a go of this game before and have loved the models and I love batman of course.

With all that and the amount of minis and card board terrain you get I pressed the botton and order it. As I pre ordered I should also get bat flick batman to!

The models look awesome!

I have found out a few of my gaming buddies have a crew or are either interesting in starting so it looks promising to get this started...

Another game thats been popular over a year or two is guild ball and they are coming out with a 2 player box set full of goodies and at £40 at Dark sphere its a bargain if you want to start.


Now one game that is really anticipated is the return of Blood Bowl...

 I can see this flying off the shelfs but I am hoping it comes in at around the £50 mark as this would compete with the guild ball price and also may tempt me......


This is coming out in November and its a duel kit!

Victor and Conquest!

I must admit I am looking forward to seeing the kit as its in the new plastic which was great to use when I made the Grolar...This maybe on my christmas list but I better be a very good boy..failing that got to sell some more toys!

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