Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I got game!

Finally on Saturday I had my first games of Warmachine MK3 and wow Khador can have sooooo many jacks.

The ability to power up you jacks at the start of your tern really helps Khador and not starve a war casters of vital focus.

Prof I played a game!

Getting packed in the middle.

After playing a couple of games I can see terrain is a big thing now and pathfinder is going to be very handy. Also Kodiaks they are awesome now the ability to vent steam when ever and clear lines is great.

Game 2

I do have to get used to being more aggressive in play and not afraid to take a load of jacks in a list as infantry seems to be more of a distraction. One unit that has been upgraded is the Man o Wars which are great when added with the UA no knockdown yes please.

So for my next game I am preparing my Troolbloods starting off with the battle box and then adding my new unit of Fenn Blades which were a pleasure to build and my heavy which I received for my birthday this year...magnets ahoy!

The Trolls getting ready!

I am looking forward to my next games which I hope to be this weekend..its like they say about buses not had a game in along time now a couple in a few weeks!

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