Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Boltz terrain

This week I have been suffering with the dreaded man flu so while on line I found a new terrain  company called Boltz.

Boltz are based in the uk and provided mdf terrain and tokens for all different sorts of games and in different scales such as 15mm and 28mm. The prices are really good as well costing only a couple of pounds.

While looking on the site I notice they where giving a 15% discount on everything until Salute result.

This is what I got.

These sets were nice to put together and there is even PDF guides on their site which are very easy to follow.  

I love the fantasy football score board which will come in handy with the Guildball demos being planed. The gate and fountain will be great for a lot of games.

If you looking for some mdf terrain or tokens for Guildball etc defiantly check out www.boltz.co.uk and remember you get 15% off.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Dwarfs!

My adventures towards Warhammer fantasy took another step as I acquired these buties still in there blister packs thanks to Ed.

I have some miners and attachment, a hammerers attachment, some cool looking slayers and and a original white dwarf mini. Let's just say I am very happy with this lot :)

During the week I finished my movement trays which came out ok and the best bit of all they are free!

As I was getting the dwarfs form Ed and finishing up my trays, Michael at the Essex Legion said he was selling all his dwarfs and rule book......I could not say no!


So I have now have a mix of GW and Mantic models which make:

The white dwarf
Grimm burlokson
60× warriors
45 x quarrellers
10 x thunderers
10 x iron drakes
10 x hammers plus officer musician and standard
6 x miners plus officer and standard
9 x slayers
3x cannons
2x gyro copters
Bolt thrower
2x organ gun

So now I have all this dwarfy goodness to contented with and to top it off I found that I have 15 mantic points so I can get a further 10 dwarfs for free. result!

It leaves me to write my first army list. Any one got any good ideas for 1000-1500 point list I could start with?

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Plague Lands Wargames Bakery's BASIUS 2.5 - Base Stamp

A few months ago I backed Wargames Bakery BASIUS 2.5 Base Stamp on kickstarter and it came earlier then expected which is always a nice surprise.

I chose the plague lands mould as I thought it would cover a lot of games.  It has some great rough terrain plus a board walk, ropes and even has a coffin.

I had a go first by adding some water and applying some green stuff to see how it would go. As I thought it was difficult to get of but leaves a good impression. As this was a test on the area it left a decent result.

So after a few go's I managed to get this result. It's not to bad for the first go and I can tell that with a bit more practice this is going to be a sound investment.

If you interested check out  www.wargamesbakery.co as they do lots of different designs from space stations, cobbled streets to woodlands.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Saturday Hobby Day

After last weekends early start and adventures I needed a rest and what better way is do do some hobbying.

The day started with the delivery of my Warhammer rule book and it's massive...all I have to say I love eBay it cost me £3!!

 After having a quick look at the rules and looking at all the minis I dug out my Kings Of War dwarfs which I have lot more then remembered and I hope this lot will get me through my first couple of games.

So now I have my minis I started off making some movement trays from some spare foam board and wooden sticks. This was a random idea I had just to get started with Warhammer so I can then maybe upgrade to the plastic trays later on. Once all the glue was dry I gave it a quick undercoat of black paint and added some gravel around the edge to hide the cutting marks from the board and make it look a bit more interesting.

Next up was making some forest terrain from the remaining foam board. During the week I picked up some sticky green felt and thought this would be great to give me a quick and easy grass effect. I cut out two shapes that would cove a decent area on a board and proceeded to cover with the felt. The end result came out all right. I think I am going to try and make a few smaller ones for rough terrain and smaller woods.

Next up was painting two dwarfs which will be used in my new Warhammer army but at the moment they are going into my Frostgrave war band. So now I have 2 crossbow men and my war band for Frostgrave is all painted..

Well it was not a bad way to spend a Saturday. It's great to get these projects finished today as some have been on to do my list to finish for a bit now.
So now i'm off to my next build but first I think now would be a good time for a cup of tea.