Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Dwarfs!

My adventures towards Warhammer fantasy took another step as I acquired these buties still in there blister packs thanks to Ed.

I have some miners and attachment, a hammerers attachment, some cool looking slayers and and a original white dwarf mini. Let's just say I am very happy with this lot :)

During the week I finished my movement trays which came out ok and the best bit of all they are free!

As I was getting the dwarfs form Ed and finishing up my trays, Michael at the Essex Legion said he was selling all his dwarfs and rule book......I could not say no!


So I have now have a mix of GW and Mantic models which make:

The white dwarf
Grimm burlokson
60× warriors
45 x quarrellers
10 x thunderers
10 x iron drakes
10 x hammers plus officer musician and standard
6 x miners plus officer and standard
9 x slayers
3x cannons
2x gyro copters
Bolt thrower
2x organ gun

So now I have all this dwarfy goodness to contented with and to top it off I found that I have 15 mantic points so I can get a further 10 dwarfs for free. result!

It leaves me to write my first army list. Any one got any good ideas for 1000-1500 point list I could start with?

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