Thursday, 28 July 2016

Slayer Part 2

Norman The Slayer is finished and ready to do what he does best...Slay things. I think the base turned out well simple but affective. I do love these Army painter turfs and have to invest in some more.

Monday, 11 July 2016

War machine and hordes battle boxes PT2

Now is the fun stuff the minis.

I first started with the trolls and the new war lock. The plastic on these were a nice colour and felt pretty well made.

The mold lines were not bad on this model but it did take a bit of cleaning up here and there. All the joints and sockets fit nice and snugly. I used suer glue but it seem to not work as fast as the plastic they used for the Grolar.

The troll lights come in one big bag.



These minis did have a few lines and flash on them that came off easily enough and these fitted together really nicely as all arm and hand joints slotted in easily. The ball and chain were glued and green stuffed as it was a small hole for it to fit in and the bodies of the trolls just slide into place but agin needed glue and green stuff toehold together as the glue did not seem to touch the sides.
The faces were falloff expression but all had told lines going down the centre of them which was not easy to deal with.

Over all these guys look great and I am happy I chose this as my first hordes army. I can't wait to have a game with them.

Next up was the Khador box. on first inspection the red colour plastic looked a little cheap to me something about it just did not seem as nice compared to the trolls.

I started on the new caster. This was a little trick to stick the ball joint into the socket on the left hand side as glue alone would not stick very well for some reason. The pose of the caster is dynamic but not to sure whats going on with his right arm though.


The jacks were next again had lines but also had some deep cut of marks from the molding process which may not be easy to hide or sort out. Also there is a horrid point right near the peek by the jacks head which is awkward to remove and leave a smooth rounded surface.


So both battle boxes are made and ready to go. The trolls seemed to come out a lot better locking then the khador box due to the plastic colour and some of the odd lines and flash left behind from the moulding process which is not easy to clean well for me anyway.

Again for the price you can't go wrong for these boxes but I wonder if certain things about them will change over time.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Warmachine and Hordes Battlebox MK3

Finally my new battle boxes arrived in the post after a long wait and a missed delivery there in my hands!

The boxes look great and are a nice weight and come with lots of goodies.

I cracked open the boxes and dived right in.


Both boxes come with a mini rule book which now include rules at the back for both games as well as a nice faction booklet with information on tactics and what to get next as well as a painting guide. You also get a handy ruler if you don't have one.

Also in the box you get a 2 X 2 game mat which has a slightly laminated feel and has two sides one blank for you starter games and the other side with numbers and letters. Then second side is used with the basic training guide to help you with different aspects of the game like moving and shooting.


Now for the good stuff the minis. The boxes come with 4 dice and some black Privateer Press tokens which you could only get from Iron Arena play. Being black in colour there is going to be issues using a marker for the spell tokens. Also you get in the box the MK3 stat cards and a cardboard hill and not forgetting a brand new caster and warlock for each faction.


One thing I think could have been added to this box was a guide to help put these minis together especially for beginners as the jacks and trolls where all in one bag it could be little confusing for a beginner.

I was very happy with the content of these boxes but I felt a bit let down when it came to my Khador faction deck. 


As you can see these were not cut properly and text has been cut off.

From reading different post on forums etc the faction deck issue has not just happened to me with reports of some cards were missing or some not having any text at on them. I have also heard some reports of missing parts and holes in some of the plastic minis but by the looks of things here I think I am ok.
It looks to me as though there was a bad batch with some of the boxes due to high demand for them. I hope that PP can sort theses issues out as I would like to get a new faction deck.

Overall though the boxes are great value as you can find them now for under £30 and is a great way to get everything you need to start the game and thats why so many people want them!

Well now i'm off to put the minis together.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

I Have a Grolar!?!

As I was around Central London the other day I thought I would pop down to Dark Sphere...

I wanted to pick up a GW skirmish case as carting all my Warmachine minis in one box is getting a bit heavy.
As I looked at the masses of models on the walls I saw out of the corner of my eye the mythical Grolar!

This warjack is in the new plastic sprue and I can tell you they look fantastic.
Apon opening the box you get the stat cards and base etc but also a new edition of instructions to make the main body and then the parts to make either a Kodiak or Grolar.


As I started to clip the parts out I can tell this is a softer plastic then then say GW use but it's a lot nicer and easier to shave off bits of from the spru with minimal mould lines. I used super glue to build this which worked great and activated fairly quickly.

I wanted to get the best use out of this kit and started to magnetise the arms at the elbow joints so I can get both jacks.

That"s a big hammer and gun!

I need to snip the ball joint connecting to the hand which was fairly easy compared to the juggernaut kit from the 2 player starter set.


Ready for war!

Ready for war!

I must say if PP are going forward with using this plastic for all there jacks and colossal's it's going to make it a lot faster to get models on the table. Gone will be the days of pining metal minis and waiting ages for glue to dry... lets hope to see more of these plastic kits soon!