Sunday, 3 July 2016

I Have a Grolar!?!

As I was around Central London the other day I thought I would pop down to Dark Sphere...

I wanted to pick up a GW skirmish case as carting all my Warmachine minis in one box is getting a bit heavy.
As I looked at the masses of models on the walls I saw out of the corner of my eye the mythical Grolar!

This warjack is in the new plastic sprue and I can tell you they look fantastic.
Apon opening the box you get the stat cards and base etc but also a new edition of instructions to make the main body and then the parts to make either a Kodiak or Grolar.


As I started to clip the parts out I can tell this is a softer plastic then then say GW use but it's a lot nicer and easier to shave off bits of from the spru with minimal mould lines. I used super glue to build this which worked great and activated fairly quickly.

I wanted to get the best use out of this kit and started to magnetise the arms at the elbow joints so I can get both jacks.

That"s a big hammer and gun!

I need to snip the ball joint connecting to the hand which was fairly easy compared to the juggernaut kit from the 2 player starter set.


Ready for war!

Ready for war!

I must say if PP are going forward with using this plastic for all there jacks and colossal's it's going to make it a lot faster to get models on the table. Gone will be the days of pining metal minis and waiting ages for glue to dry... lets hope to see more of these plastic kits soon!

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