Monday, 11 July 2016

War machine and hordes battle boxes PT2

Now is the fun stuff the minis.

I first started with the trolls and the new war lock. The plastic on these were a nice colour and felt pretty well made.

The mold lines were not bad on this model but it did take a bit of cleaning up here and there. All the joints and sockets fit nice and snugly. I used suer glue but it seem to not work as fast as the plastic they used for the Grolar.

The troll lights come in one big bag.



These minis did have a few lines and flash on them that came off easily enough and these fitted together really nicely as all arm and hand joints slotted in easily. The ball and chain were glued and green stuffed as it was a small hole for it to fit in and the bodies of the trolls just slide into place but agin needed glue and green stuff toehold together as the glue did not seem to touch the sides.
The faces were falloff expression but all had told lines going down the centre of them which was not easy to deal with.

Over all these guys look great and I am happy I chose this as my first hordes army. I can't wait to have a game with them.

Next up was the Khador box. on first inspection the red colour plastic looked a little cheap to me something about it just did not seem as nice compared to the trolls.

I started on the new caster. This was a little trick to stick the ball joint into the socket on the left hand side as glue alone would not stick very well for some reason. The pose of the caster is dynamic but not to sure whats going on with his right arm though.


The jacks were next again had lines but also had some deep cut of marks from the molding process which may not be easy to hide or sort out. Also there is a horrid point right near the peek by the jacks head which is awkward to remove and leave a smooth rounded surface.


So both battle boxes are made and ready to go. The trolls seemed to come out a lot better locking then the khador box due to the plastic colour and some of the odd lines and flash left behind from the moulding process which is not easy to clean well for me anyway.

Again for the price you can't go wrong for these boxes but I wonder if certain things about them will change over time.

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