Friday, 16 June 2017

4 Ground Mordanburg Terrain

At Salute this year I treated my self to some 4 Ground Terrain.

One was this Backstreet Hovel and a nice looking Well to go with it.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

GrimLok The Hard Headed

After The Battle Grimlok needed to be painted for his heroics.. So I present to you Grimlok...

He's ready to lead the Dwarves to glory!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Blood in the bad lands Dwarves Vs High Elfs 2000 points

After sorting out my 2000 point list with Lano we got down to a game that effects the Blood in the Bad Lands campaign the guys are playing. 
I will be part of the barbarian team which allows anyone to jump in and out of the campaign.

My list consisted of A Dwarf Lord, A Runelord, A Thane, 25 Warriors with full command, 10 Quarrellers with a musician, 10 Thunderers with a musician, 2 Gyrocopters, 21 Hammerers with full command, one Canon and 2 Organ guns...

We set up and got ready for first turn again I got first turn and get hatred everything..


My units march up the field and my cannon and Organ guns take shots at the multiple Bolt Throwers the Elf's have. Again not much success  really with the dice rolls and the Cannon falling short.

My Thunderers and Quarrellers take few shots at the chariots on the left and manage to get a few wounds.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dwarves out for a run... 1000 points (quick game)

Yesterday I was at Lano's to run out my Dwarves for their first 1000 point game.
My list consisted off  a Rune lord, Thane with BSB, 20 Warriors with full command, 10 Quarrellers with a musician, 10 Hammerers with full command a Gyrocopter and a organ gun.

I had a choice to go against Lano's High Elf's or his Lizard Men..I chose Lizard men as I wanted to see how these guys fight and Lano's painting is always good especially on these minis.

so we set up and got ready to play.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Bring out ya dead..

After playing mecca's undead army I pulled out all of my mantic undead models and got some paint on them. I have had some of these minis for a while and there just doing nothing I might as well use them for a small vampire counts army.

It's also a distraction from my dwarfs as I am not really looking forward to painting all of them...


Thats a lot of grey and black....

I started on my skeletons and used the white army painter primer and Nihilakh Oxide to give that ghostly effect.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Paint the town red, gold with a little silver.

On the painting table this week was my Man O War unit and Man O War Officer attachment.

I was fed up seeing them undercoated in red on the table top and thought they deserved some attention.

This was one of the first Khador units I had and it was getting little silly that they had not seen the paint brush.

I wanted to paint them quick as time at the moment is a little tight so its basic 3 colours and wash.


As these were getting painted I thought I might as well finish the unit and moved on to my recently aquired Man o War officer too.

All that needs doing now is the bases..Not bad for an hour or so of painting. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Salute the Swag and the best table..well i like it.

The Salute bag this year came with 2 minis one from Warlord Games of a Russian Lady as a flag bearer and a model from Wild West Exodus and of course the dice which to be honest I was a little disappointed with as it just had a star on the 6.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Salute 2017 Part 2

After a short brake off I went to Hassle free Miniatures and look at these minis which if I was a rich man would get all of them! I am sure I can find a game that would be able to use these surly.

Ready for a picture overload?

See anyone familiar?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017 Part 1

On Saturday Salute 2017 was upon us. I got up a stupid o Clock and made my way down to the excel centre for a day of gaming heaven.

I arrived really early and was in in the front of the line but it soon begin to fill up in the hall.

It hits 10 am and we are ushered into the main hall to start exploring the stalls and tables at Salute.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Butchers coming to get you!

After the big delivery of more minis to my door I could not wait to get the big man made with his 2 puppies.

This is an all metal kit and I could see that this many be a bit difficult to put together due to the joints in the minis.  Green stuff, super glue and my hobby drill to hand its was time to build.

It was obvious what goes where and the metal scenic part for butcher to stand on and the sand bags for one of the puppies are really nice.

I had to drill into the stand for the butcher as the holes did not match with his feet.

Lets just say its a heavy model as there is a lot of metal here. His axe arm was pinned and green stuffed to help stay in place.
I am loving the pose on this.

The puppies were in a few pieces and the heads needed a bit of green stuff to stay in place but over all not to bad.

There are some big gaps in these models but I am sure these can be sorted.

Next is adding some sand on the bases and a spray. I am going Army painter Dragon Red for butcher and Leather Brown for the dogs.

Butcher is probably my favourite caster he is big brash and he hits hard and is a tank. I can't wait to cause some havoc on the battle field.

Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lead and Plastic Continues.. Khador Man O War Officer..

It seems all I am doing is building minis at the moment.. Up next on the desk is the new Khador Man O War Officer.

Its part resin plastic part metal and has an an impressive axe.. What do you expect its Khador.

In the box one of the shoulder pads, axe, shield and heads are all metal while the main body is plastic.

Putting him together was pretty easy bit the axe and shield hand needed some green stuff and some pinning.

You get the choice of two heads one with the helmet down and one where his face is showing. I chose the later as I liked that more.

All done..
This was a pretty easy build and did not take long which is good...

Hang on a knock on my door.... I just got a delivery...

....Looks like I better keep that drill for pinning handy...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Berserker, Mad Dog, Rager Oh My....

Next up on my to build list is the new plastic kit for the Berserker, Mad Dog and Rager.

As I have said before I am a fan of these new plastic kits for PP as they are really easy to put together and magnetise.

I began by making the main body, legs and arm parts.

This kits  did not take long to get to this stage so no wonder you saw loads of these around quickly before the cost of a mad dog went up in the game.

Next thing was to stick the main body and legs together and stick it to the Evil Mushroom scenic base.

 I then positioned the hands and drilled out the right size holes for the magnets to fit.

Then it was to work to make all the hands and weapons for the different jacks and drilling and gluing magnets in place.

Weapons Of Choice
Mad Dogs Fist of Doom
Ragers Sword and Shield
Berserkers Double Axe

Now all these were done its time for the heads. I have just magnetised the one for now and will get round to the others.

The only thing to do is to strike a pose as the kit is done...

So all my minis are now made...Better get some paint on them.