Wednesday, 6 September 2017

SUMMERs been and gone..

Well as you can see I have not managed to post on here for over two months. Its been an interesting summer as its been mixed with life stuff and lots of DIY....

So what have I been up to gaming wise well sadly not much. I popped down to the creative biscuit in July to have a go of gore chosen which was gate fun with Matt and Lano but also very devastating as in one roll of a 6 I was out of the game due to Lano's hot dice and unfortunate fate card.

I am really enjoying these GW beer and pretzel style of games especially for some one like me who sometimes just wants a quick game and throw some dice with out having to write lists and remember tons of rules.

This summer has also seen me clear out my gaming cupboard. I had to like most wargamers make some hard choices and really think what am I really going to play and use. I had to think about my gaming group and what is played.

So a load of toy solders and games such as Batman went on line and were sold freeing space. I feel more will probably go on such as terrain and other bits as I go through. 
It is defiantly a good thing to do as getting bogged down with unpainted minis and games not being played is just a waste.

Warhammer 40k 8th dropped over this summer and I was happy to see some lovely Death Guard models on show.

Again due to trying to have a clear out I have not bought anything new which is fine as the main rules are free now which I had look over and would def give a go as it seems more easier to pick up and play.
I had a good chat with Andy at the Romford GW store about the game and it sounds like it could be fun to pick up and play again.
This does give me an excuse to dust of my Death Guard and Space Wolves at some point but it all depends on what the guys are playing at the mo which is more Warmachine and a little splash of Guild ball.

So what's next gaming wise? well I think I may go on and paint a unit of thunderers for Warhammer and maybe a single model or to but playing wise I am not sure as I just don't seem to be able to keep up with Warmachine these days but may squeeze in a game of something once things start to slow down a bit.

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