Friday, 16 June 2017

4 Ground Mordanburg Terrain

At Salute this year I treated my self to some 4 Ground Terrain.

One was this Backstreet Hovel and a nice looking Well to go with it.

I started by building the Hovel

the instructions are nice and clear and in colour.

First up was building the inner walls and adding the floor. The walls look great and just needed some PVA and some rubber bands to keep them in place.

After that the outer walls need to be placed around the sides of the inner wall. Again rubber bands need to be used to stick both shells together.

The door was next and slotted into the space easily.

Now all that the shell and door is on it was time to add the individual white tiles into each outer wall. Again these were perfectly cut out and fit really snug.


I made a little mistake with the roof and put the two ends the wrong way round but fixed that quickly.

The last step was to make the chimney and roof top and it was all done.

Up next the Well

This again come with a full colour instruction booklet which was easy to follow.
First I glued and bent the serrated card to make an inner and outer circle for the Well and glued this to the base.

Next was adding the sides for the roof and glued the roped onto the base of the well and around the  main Well arm. This was then attached to the two side arms.

The Roof needed two arms glued to the sides pieces and the Well rotating handle glued to one of the outer arms of the Well.

Once these were all glued the roof slates were glued on to finish the Well.

And there we have it my new bits of terrain. 

These were great to put together nice and easy to follow instructions and all bits on the spurs were perfectly cut and easy to get out and fit easily together.

Its Well worth your time  checking out 4 Ground if you need any terrain.

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