Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Industrial Terrain... Mantic Battle Zone Terrain

With all the Necormunda industrial terrain popular at the moment I dug out my terrain box and finally got some colour other then black/grey on my Mantic Battle Zone Terrain from the Deadzone set.

This set is a mixture of what was in the DeadZone box and the old Battlezone booster box Mantic put out a few years ago. There are new sets now with pipes and fan blades which look pretty good.

You can have a look at the full set up of how I made these building here on my previous blog about 

I have always like the way these looked in pictures using a yellow colour and as I have just bought a 4x4 winter themed mat and I thought this would be a good colour to stand out from the mat.

I used some Army painter demonic yellow for the main buildings.

I decided to paint the walkways a different colour so I chose Army Painter grey sprayed about 6 inches away then added a layer of white further then that.

Here is all the pieces so far..

Having the black underneath gave some shading to the yellow which looked nice. I now wanted to make these look old and dirty so Army Painter strong tone was used all over the buildings and barricades.

I added some shadow grey from Games Workshop to pick out some of the parts on the buildings and  demonic yellow from Army Painter on the grey barricades and barriers.
I also used lead belcher for the silver areas.
All silver areas were cover with nun oil.

This is the result..

Here are the buildings with some of my Chaos Nurgle Marines ( I played Death Guard before it was cool ;) 

I have been please with how these turned out.. I may have been a bit over zealous with the strong tone but the buildings do look good against my new gaming mat.

So I am now ready for some games of Shadow War or Necromunda if anyone wants to teach it to me..


Riot said...

Those look great man and I would be happy to have a poke at 'shadow wars' with you. I have the rule book sitting on the shelf and could pull a war band together for a short campaign!

Shaggy said...

Thanks @Riot. Sounds like a plan.. I have the Shadow War tokens so we can give this a go!