Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Games Workshop Citadel Pant Handle Review and Stromcast Eternal Pianted

This week I got a chance to test out GW's Paint handle.

First I quickly spray painted the free Stromcast model from the White Dwarf magazine I had been meaning to paint with a pound shop gold spray.   To my surprise the spary worked pretty well and I set to work using the handle.

This will be the first time I have painted one of the new Age of Sigmar minis.
This has been my faithful hobby painting handle that I have been using for some time now but with some of my minis being metal sometimes they can move about and I can't really turn the model upside down to get to some hard to reach areas...

Step in The Games Workshop Painting Handle.

Unpacking the paint handle I was surprised at the size its not that big and was evenly balanced and not to heavy in your hand.


The mechanism at the top is pulled so you can slip your bases in to the grooves. This is advertised to hold 25mm 32mm and 40mm bases..It does also hold square bases and those oblong style bases as well.


You can safely hold your minis up side down with no problem of it falling out of the grips.. it even works well with metal minis.

I got started painting the Stormcast model using the handle.
The mechanism at first is stiff and requires a little work getting the mini in the correct position and you really have to use two hands and be very careful as it can spring back as your mini could go flying. Once one side is in gradually pull the other side so the base falls into place.

I hope in time it does not become looser as I want it to keep holding the bases firmly.

As I have been using the handel its very comfortable to use and allows you to get to all areas of the mini without any worries of the mini falling and holds firm when you dry brush.
A great bit of design of the handle is the fact that its flat at the bottom so you can put it on your desk with out the model toppling over. 
Some of the other paint handles I have seen don't allow you to do this.

So after an hour the model was done.

My thoughts on the paint handle.. I think GW have really made a great product here at a price of £5 (can be found cheaper) is a great stocking filler for Christmas if you looking for a gift for a wargamer but also a great tool to have in general.

Interestingly the top mechanism screws off and I have seen people put this on camera tripods.
My thinking is GW will make an attachment to this so you can use bigger bases as only going up to 40mm is a little draw back.


I can see why this has become very popular and why people are buying a few of these for their painting as its very comfortable to use and when painting a regiment having a few of these ready to go will make life easy instead of trying to awkwardly trying to change out a new mini all the time.
If you have not got one yet defiantly have a look at getting just one to try out. 

Well done to GW for making product thats useful and at a good price but please do make an adaptor so we can use it for bigger bases though please.

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