Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Random Bits And Bobs.

With Christmas fast approaching Christmas shopping and work have started to take more of my time as we build to the big day.

Hobby wise as I visited Central London I went along to the Warhammer shop to take a look around.
The first thing to catch my eye was the nicely painted Death Guard army in the shops display case. 
It was the first time seeing all the Death Guard minis up close a Mortarion looks boss!

As a Death Guard player all the way back form 5th edition its nice to see them get some love.

While I was in I had to pick up one of these.

For £5 I could not say no. I know a lot of people will say just use cork and Blu tack etc but I think GW are on to a winner here priced very well even if a lot of us thought it would cost £15 plus..
I will do a review of this soon.

I also tested out some more pound shop sprays and used some Army Issue grey on some resin sand bags. I added Army Painter Strong Tone just to see what it looks like.

I think they need a dry brush of some bone..

As Necromunda has dropped over the last few weeks the reports on the game has been a mixed bag..personally I have not played it out of the box so can't say game wise but I will probably see how the game is supported and goes in my local meta..However I do like a bit of terrain and Ebay is a dangerous place and I do like the terrain pieces from the Necromunda box set so found someone who was selling them..

Just looking at them on the sprue I know they will make great scatter terrain. GW really are on point with their plastic terrain at the moment. The plastic is thick and with the painting guides that are around just by getting some silver spray and weathering effects you can easily make these look awesome.

As the title suggest in this post this week has been bits and bobs hobby wise but I am really interested in trying the GW paint handle so I will chose a mini form the lead and plastic pile this week to test it on.

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