Saturday, 6 May 2017

Salute the Swag and the best table..well i like it.

The Salute bag this year came with 2 minis one from Warlord Games of a Russian Lady as a flag bearer and a model from Wild West Exodus and of course the dice which to be honest I was a little disappointed with as it just had a star on the 6.

At the show I picked up a free copy of Wild West Exodus rule book for free and as I signed up I will get a hard copy of the 2nd edition book as well free..
This obviously goes well with the free mini which looks really nice.

A Really Nice Model here

I also picked these free Zombies at the Mantic Stand.

I did treat my self while I was there and picked up some terrain from 4ground. I did say to my self no more terrain but I have loved this stuff for ages and after seeing the stand and talking to Ben at 4 ground I took the plunge.

so as you can see i was a good boy this year really.

Some times even I am not to sure ,what to do with the free models from Salute but when I got back It did not take me long to crack open the box and paint her up as a proxy Winter Guard UA for my khador army.

So thats it another salute for another year but before I finish this post I have to show you pictures of my favourite table at salute from the Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club......

Can you guess what film inspired this table?

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