Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017 Part 1

On Saturday Salute 2017 was upon us. I got up a stupid o Clock and made my way down to the excel centre for a day of gaming heaven.

I arrived really early and was in in the front of the line but it soon begin to fill up in the hall.

It hits 10 am and we are ushered into the main hall to start exploring the stalls and tables at Salute.

Entering the hall we are welcomed by a familiar face.

Walking around salute the demo games and gaming tables really looked great.

At the TTCombat stand they were showing off their new game Rumble Slam based on good old fashion wrestling...

Hey Brother!
Can you feel the madness?

Rest In Peace...

This is Rumble Slammmm!

Seige Studios were on hand again showing there jaw dropping paint work.

Black Scorpion were on show with there amazing pirate mini's as well as there new wild west minis that are on kickstarter at the moment for the game Tombstone.

I Then turn round and I saw these minis... just amazing....

No words can say how amazing these look in person.

Right where to next......


riot ville said...

The Black Scorpion mob were the only miniature manufactors to take any of my money. The rest went on terrain and rule books.

Shaggy said...

They always have nice stuff at Black Scorpion..