Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Salute 2017 Part 2

After a short brake off I went to Hassle free Miniatures and look at these minis which if I was a rich man would get all of them! I am sure I can find a game that would be able to use these surly.

Ready for a picture overload?

See anyone familiar?

Next it was to 4 ground whom I really enjoy seeing at salute. There train and tables are always beautifully made.

4 Ground had The Twin Peaks Mall

Images of dawn of the dead came to mind when I saw this would be amazing to play a zombie game using this.

4 ground were also showing off there new game Fabled Realms which is due to hit kick starter soon.

I had a good chat with Ben from 4 ground about the new game it seems that the world has been very well thought about. 
This is a skirmish game which uses a reaction system where player will have a number of tokens that for example you opponent charges you can reach by playing a magic spell or simply try to move away.
Its more a lot more in depth and would suggest checking this out on line.

The factions are not set out like normal fantasy factions where you have separate races human with just humans etc but more its like a more cultural diverse society with war bands that comprise of different races which can have either elite warriors so few models but powerful or a couple of heroes and a few hench man.
The Druggio is an interesting race as they are an infected group of people made up from the realm that are hungry for flesh are not just straight forward zombies as it were some still have memories of their forma lives.

After having a chat with Ben about the game and getting in to deep conversation about how modern day events and news feeds has influenced some of the game I had to have a go.

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