Thursday, 10 March 2016

Plague Lands Wargames Bakery's BASIUS 2.5 - Base Stamp

A few months ago I backed Wargames Bakery BASIUS 2.5 Base Stamp on kickstarter and it came earlier then expected which is always a nice surprise.

I chose the plague lands mould as I thought it would cover a lot of games.  It has some great rough terrain plus a board walk, ropes and even has a coffin.

I had a go first by adding some water and applying some green stuff to see how it would go. As I thought it was difficult to get of but leaves a good impression. As this was a test on the area it left a decent result.

So after a few go's I managed to get this result. It's not to bad for the first go and I can tell that with a bit more practice this is going to be a sound investment.

If you interested check out as they do lots of different designs from space stations, cobbled streets to woodlands.

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