Sunday, 16 October 2016

Signs Of Life..

Hello....Anybody there...

Well its been a while....all I can say for my self is that its been so busy that gaming  has had to take a backseat for a while and as work has been in full swing it has left me contemplating how I can get some hobby time back and fit everything else in as well.

Over the summer (yes its been that long) I have been in the process of selling some of the games and minis that I know I will never get round to playing. In truth it needed to be done to make some space and I have my eye on somethings...Also christmas is soon and I have been asked for a list!

Over the past weeks or so I have been invited to play some Warmachine MK3 now I am ashamed to say I still have not had a MK3 game yet (yes my bad) I really want to try and get a game in soon as I want to see the miracle of Khador having more then one jack on the table now!

Ok so no gaming but I have managed to do a little bit of hobby related things such as try out some water effects. I found a video on line Cheap Water effects which uses cheap pound shop epoxy resin.

I popped into my local pound shop and picked up a couple of packets of resin and decided to base my proxy colossal swamp base. My advice would be to make sure you have a well ventilated area and leave it somewhere like a shed as I left it in my hobby room and the smell is not good.

Good Old Tommy!

Also be careful as you need to mix the two parts slightly and I seemed to not it mix it properly so some of the base looks like ice and other bits are still a bit wet so leave plenty of time to dry and it will self level out.

Still not dry..

So water base try out check next up I cracked out my mantic terrain from the dead zone set and the extra battle zone set I have grabbed some glue and got to work on making some

Now as in most reports about this terrian its not easy to put together and can be frustrating that bits fall off as you are trying to dry fit for ideas. My advise is try not to get to enraged with it. The concept of this terrain is good even if there are flaws like not fitting together perfectly, not getting enough clips and all that. Its great to get terrain that you can use multi level.

I want to use this as some kind of docking yard or general sci fi terrain for now. I will need to figure out a paint scheme for it so will look around for inspiration.

So as you can see not much to report game wise but hopefully over the next few weeks there will be some dice rolling.

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