Wednesday, 17 January 2018

TT combat Platform B And More Terrain..

After meeting up with Riot before Christmas at the Creative Biscuit we decided  we would have a go at Shadow War Armageddon. This was due I think to one of my post about the Battle Zone Terrain.

Well since then I have been on terrain building mode. I have kits and ideas floating around and I started with this from TT Combat.

This pack comes with 2 sheets and again I went back to TT Combats site for the PDF instructions which I used for the Ware House Boxes.

I chose this kit originally as this can be built as pictured or larger platform. The walk ways can also be used by the for walk ways for my other terrain.

First up was the sides which you need to keep one of the feet of the platform lose so they can stick together on top of each other.

The stairs are just slotted either side which is another reason this kit is good as its modular.

Theses are the platforms again which can be slotted together to make a large platform if need be.

Here are some shots of the platform and the different was you can use it.

Once built I sprayed it black and used Army Painter Uniform Grey about 6 inches away and then Army Painter White a little further back to get this paint affect. After that a little light wash of Army Painter Strong Tone as I was running out...

As I was doing this I also used the same method to spray my Landing Pad from Mantic.

I wanted to test out some of my glow effect sprays from the pound shop and made an H stencil to use on the loading Pad.

Unfortunately the experiment did not go to plan. The spray was not that great plus it spilled in to some gaps..

After it dried I painted the gaps grey and added some yellow and blended the edges so the H was more pronounced.

But wait theres more..
I also tried some of the glow spray paint on some scatter terrain..

Again unfortunately the spray did not work so I had to repaint it all using some GW base paints.

So as you can see its only January and I have been busy! I have more terrain to paint and even plan to make something form scratch which is going to be fun. Watch this space for more...


Riot said...

Blimey mate you are smashing through those!!

You are going to make my barriers contribution look pitiful!!

Shaggy said...

Well I cant keep up with you painting! All terrain is welcome though mate.
Got more terrian to may be something from necromunda set too...

Really enjoying making and painting terrian always have...I have few ideas for shadespire and I have a garden of morr set to do at some point as well....