Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A New Toy.. A Light Box By Light Room.

I was thinking over christmas that it may be an idea to get a light box to help improve some of my pictures on the blog.
Luckily after taking to my brother he said he had one that I could have as it was too small for what he needed.


The Box it self is really compact and is the size of a A4 envelope.
The sides pull part and are fitted with magnets so it can hold its shape. This also comes with a usb port at the side to power the LED light inside. There is also 2 rubber mats for the background one in black one in white.

After setting up my tripod and my camera phone I had a go at taking a few shots of my Nurgle Daemon Prince.

For my first go I think the results are not to bad at all. I do need to experiment more with how far the camera needs to be and if extra lighting will help.

These are not that expensive on Ebay and if you looking to try one out you can't go wrong with one of these.

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