Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome To The Deadzone Pt 3

This weekend I started to have ago at building the terrain in the Deadzone box set. I have heard that this will need a little care when clipping and cleaning the pieces as the hard plastic can be a bit tough.

After cutting all the parts an cleaning I went about dry fitting the pieces together. I can tell you that the connectors that come with the kit can be tricky to fit and sometimes they did not connect properly so you do have to do some jigging and cutting. Also another fact is that you don't get that many of the connectors which is a shame as it does limit build options and if they snap which some did it can be a little frustrating.

Luckily before I started to build this terrain I made this landing pad which gave me lots of spare corner joints.

As you can see it's massive! Unfortunately even with this kit like the Deadzone terrain it did not come with enough straight connectors. I had to use some of the feet connectors and super glue to strengthen it in the end.
The picture on the bag made it looked like it should have came with more wall parts to make the barricade where the gun sits behind. I am not sure if I am missing a sprue or not as there are no instructions with any of the kits from mantic at present to check this.

After dry fitting everything I decided to go for this lay out. It has a tower and a few single block buildings and walls to give as much cover as I can get.

As its advertised as modular terrain it does the job but I would not recommend keep changing it around as un doing what you have made can cause the connectors to snap so defiantly plan then dry fit a little and use supper glue.

I do have another box of this terrain so this has been a good test run. I am going to plan out a design before I start work on that as it has a lot more goodies so I will try and add to what I have made so far.

So the terrain is now built, models are primed and ready all that's needed is to enter the Deadzone.

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The Flaming Heretic said...

I heard the connectors can be a real sod.
Now all you have to do is paint it all...