Saturday, 4 June 2016


This week I went back to the well or should I say tin that has been the gift that has kept on giving. The big tin I found of minis in the charity shop.

I went for some of the big guys this week.

first up was a Cave Troll from LOTR which needed a tidy as well as it being striped of its Airfix paint which took a few hours. After the clean up it was a quick re sprayed and started work. It does seem some time in its life the chain snapped and it looks like a glue gun was used to put it back together but never mind.

Next up was another troll but this was a big metal beast. I am not sure the name of this troll from LOTR but it was on a rally beaten up base and was heavily covered in a thick glop of paint and needed to be dipped for a few days. it had at least 3 layers of paint on it.

Going for a dip.

After it was striped of paint I went about making a chain wipp from some chaos rhino parts and under coated the troll black.

still not fully clean


As I had to try and cover some sins of the previous paint job and I wanted to try out the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust I thought it would be a good chance to try and nurgle up or make this troll look old an nasty.

I started off by painting the armour in chain mail silver and the skin in Rakarth flesh and the cloth in Knarloc green and added a wash of Agraxearth shade. I am trying to get that dirty look but theres a fine line between a dirty look which works to where it just looks a mess.

After using the rust and corrosion effects which work really great I added some of the chain mail silver to try and get a chipped effect.


Overall this was an experimental paint job to see how the paints worked together and from what I learnt I can see this being used on any future nurgle minis or if I want to make any industrial bases or terrain.

Another good thing about this is now I have 2 trolls to play with and I think now there are only 2 riders of Rohan and then all of the LOTR figures I got from the tin are finished.

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