Sunday, 12 March 2017

Berserker, Mad Dog, Rager Oh My....

Next up on my to build list is the new plastic kit for the Berserker, Mad Dog and Rager.

As I have said before I am a fan of these new plastic kits for PP as they are really easy to put together and magnetise.

I began by making the main body, legs and arm parts.

This kits  did not take long to get to this stage so no wonder you saw loads of these around quickly before the cost of a mad dog went up in the game.

Next thing was to stick the main body and legs together and stick it to the Evil Mushroom scenic base.

 I then positioned the hands and drilled out the right size holes for the magnets to fit.

Then it was to work to make all the hands and weapons for the different jacks and drilling and gluing magnets in place.

Weapons Of Choice
Mad Dogs Fist of Doom
Ragers Sword and Shield
Berserkers Double Axe

Now all these were done its time for the heads. I have just magnetised the one for now and will get round to the others.

The only thing to do is to strike a pose as the kit is done...

So all my minis are now made...Better get some paint on them.

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Jonas Hedegaard Nielsen said...

Awesome! Thank you. Keep blogging! :)
Jonas Denmark