Monday, 4 June 2018

Hobby Holder Review.

So how do you paint your minis. Yes probably with a brush and paint but do you just hold the base of the mini to paint it?

 How about using something that offers more stability when painting and could help you paint better.

Well look no further then The Hobby Holder from Game Envy Creations.

The Hobby Holder is billed to be a verstile, all in one miniture paint holder and grip system for hobbiset of all kinds.

The nice people at The Hobby Holder sent over one of their holders all the way from the USA to review.

Inside was this lovely lot but what is it all?

First up was the grip holder which comes in different colours and shapes to fit your needs.
Its made of plastic and has a slight grip which maybe is from the layers from 3D printing which feels comfortable and solid


It comes with a screw as you are able to attach the main holder in place securely.

All this plus a badge..

The main holder it self is in two parts the base that you place you minis using the caps provided or other caps (which will we come on to later) and the holder arm.
These are both made form ABS plastic which is dishwasher safe in case you nee to clean it.

The arm is clipped on so can be moved around the base and even used upside down if need be.

In this pack I was given 5 screw tops and and some handy wall tack to stick the miniatures on to the caps to.

and of course the badge..

So I got to work on a few minis I needed to paint.

these are resin plastic miniatures which the wall tack stuck to both cap and mini very well.

I screwed one of the minis to just the base and holder first to test how it felt painting using just the base set from Hobby Holder.

Just using the base and the holder arm it really did show how useful the arm was at being able to be more steady and it allowed me to move the arm it round and get to awkward angles.
I did not try this but the base also allows the use of cork too and the hole at the bottom provides a way to poke the cork out of the base if you have any trouble.

I decided to now add the grip holder which the main base sits in the gap at the top and gets screwed in place.

It even can stand on a table when you need a rest.

Now I will say personally I found painting with this combination the best as I felt I had more to grip and the holder army really did help give that extra steadiness when painting.

I then went on to see how the Hobby Holder faired with bigger models as well as metal minis.

This metal Ogryn had no problem with current set up and stuck on to the cab just fine..

Next up a bigger challenge Butcher 3!
this guy is big and is a heavy metal mini..

Again it worked fine and just managed to squeeze the arm past one of the skulls on the axe.
Next up I went for a 50mm plastic war jack..Now I could have tried a metal war jack but all I had around was a Behemoth and he is ridiculously big and heavy and thought it was a little to big use.

I had to move the arm upside down if I wanted to use it as the mini was too tall but even having like this seemed to feel comfortable.

So as you can see the Hobby Holder can be used to hold lots of different size miniatures with little problems.

Now one of the great things about The Hobby Holder is that you can use almost any paint pot lid or screw top thats 28mm as a base for you miniature painting.

I had an old GW pot and got to work cutting the lid off and removing the lip on the inside so it can pop on the base of the handle.


The lid fit snugly in place and with a bit of wall tack the minis set in place ready to paint.

So my thoughts on the Hobby Holder.

For me The Hobby Holder really did help me paint in areas I usually find difficult to get to with out getting worried about if the miniature will fall off. It  enable me to hold the mini at angles I usually cant get a comfortable gip to do.
 At first when I put screwed the grip to the base I forgot to use the handle arm as I was so used to not having one there on my other holders I have used before, but I can tell you as soon as I used it really did help to give me extra stability while painting.
It is also at good helping steady my brush too.

This is not just for painting it can be used for other applications such as sculpting as you need a very steady hand for that.

The build quality is really good as it feels solid and the way the design has been made to be able to screw in the base to different attachment handles is great.

I also like the fact you don't have to use special caps (you can buy nice ones at The Hobby Holder web site) to screw into the base  which are easy to switch between which is handy if you are painting a unit.
Also I like ability to be able to recycle old drinks caps and paint pot lids which is great for your pocket and the environment too.

The Hobby Holder has a lot of accessories on offer to such as attachments for tripods and different handle designs to suit any one and oh did I mention everything is available is different colours so you can customise it to your own style.

I have enjoyed using the Hobby Holder to paint and look forward to using it a lot more.

If you need and upgrade to your painting holder or have never used one before check out
The Hobby Holder here it might just change the way you paint.

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