Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A Miniature Backdrop Build...

I got a little creative the other day.
I have a light box which has been working well for pictures  but sometimes you want to set a scene so I thought with the extra foam board I have from a DIY project why don't I make a scenic backdrop for my photos.

I decided to go for a natural setting allowing the backdrop to be used for different game systems and looked at doing a side of a mountain or rock wall.

Lets start with base..

Clearing out some old pictures frames I kept some of the backing boards as I thought they would come in handy one day and they did.

I needed something wide enough to fit in my mind at least a 10 man unit with some room either side and chose this board below.

Next up was the fun bit I started to cut the foam to form more natural dents and curves to simulate an old rock wall.

Next up I cut another bit of foam in half to make it thinner for the sides and did the same cutting as the main wall and fixed these together with a little glue and cocktail sticks.

I then used the magic mix of filler sand and pva I had left over from the Toxic Pools build to fill in the gaps at the sides and at the bottom of the rocks to give it a more natural look.


I needed to make some more of the mix as I covered the rest of the board with it to give more strength and to give it a rough edge for dry brushing later.

I then went on to cover the all the foam rocks.

This was left to dry over night and I painted everything using a cheap black acrylic paint and then over brushed the rocks using a grey paint from The Works.

After that I mix some brown into the grey and brushed this on the rocks and then used some grey with some green on the rocks because as they say rocks are not just grey in colour.

The paints for the rocks.

 I went on to paint the ground brown for the base colour.

 Next I dry brushed the ground with a mixture a cream colour and some green to brake up the brown.


So here it is..

Lets add some Minis..

It did not turn out to bad did it.
 I can tell you if you have a The Works by you pick up the paints at £1 they are worth it..

I may add some flock to the ground at some point but need to get some burnt grass or something to make it fit the look.

So what do you think anyone else had a go at making a scenic set for your miniature pictures?

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