Saturday, 12 May 2018

A Little Road Trip to Rye..

I had a little road trip the other day to Rye near Hastings as it was the Bank holiday weekend and we had some nice weather for a change.

 Before I got to Rye I stopped off at Ashford for a quick pit stop and randomly saw this WW1 tank. I think its the same model as the one from Salute this year.

After that it was off to Rye for the day and taking a walk around the town it had some really buildings for some  scenery and terrain ideas.

Walking round I found this little shop.

In all places I found a shop that is miniature related.. ..This shop is run by a man named Chris and his shop is where he shows some of his historical miniatures that he paints for commissions.

Its a great little shop to visit. We had a good conversation about the Napoleonic war as this is Chris's favourite area of history and what he likes to play he also gave me a brief history lesson about the war and Napoleon.

Rye also has some great little shops if your after antiques and a grate 2nd hand vinyl store.

Now I would have taken some more pictures of the streets as they look like something out of 4grounds Fabled Realms terrain but my camera battery died.. Doh!

So instead have a look at tis postcard I picked up of Mermaid Street..

Yes it really does look like this wonky old houses and all.

How cool would this be to recreate this on the table top!

I had a great day out and who knew it would have some hobby inspiration throne in and finding a shop that is dedicated to painting minis..

If your ever near Hastings have a look around Rye but make sure you take a camera with plenty of batteries...

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