Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Titan Wargames Grulka Blackhand Dwarfs of Vorganash Review

As many of you who have been following my blog for the past couple of months I have been painting a lot of Dwarfs I mean a lot! Just look here.
I have managed to get my paint brush on many differnt manufacturers Dwarven creations but today I am getting the opptunuity to paint a female Dwarf called Grulka Blackhand from the nice people at Titan Wargames.

Titan Wargames is independent company created by John Blake (Sculptor and Painter)  who are in the process of moving their miniature range to resin and if this is an example of what will be coming up in their range they will all be fantastic.

 On close inspection of the Grulka mini you can see it has crisp lines with not much flash at all.

I went to work cleaning up the very minimal flash and gave it a quick wash.
Next was the undercoat which I did the same way I have done with my other Dwarfs with Army Painter Plate Metal.

With a wash of Nuln Oil I started to paint the face using Bugmans Glow and Kislev Flesh and washed with Redland Fleshshade.
Next up for the hair I used Mournfang Brown and Flat Brown from Game Colour for the wood on the gun handle

Next for the golds I used Balthasar Gold and then used over the top Gehenna's Gold and lastly for the cloak I used my new favourite colour Incubi Darkness.

As quick as that Grulka is ready for battle.

So my thoughts..
As you my know some times you get minis that paint themselves and this mini did for me.
 I have painted a lot of Dwarfs and I can say this was up there with the most enjoyable to paint
The pose of the miniature is great and its detailing is not over the top.

I can easily see this Dwarf being the champion of my thunderers unit.

Titan Wargames have done a great job on this resin cast and props has to go to John at Titan Wargames for the sculpts and the paint jobs on the web site which I recommend seeing for yourself.

To see all the Dwarf miniatures from their Dwarfs of Vorganash range and to see the lore for the Dwarves Empire check out Titan Wargames.

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