Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts....Army Number 2

I'm on a bit of a Warhammer Fantasy painting trip at the moment must be due to Riot Ville Live a few months back.
After painting Dwarfs I wanted a change and as I was in Fantasy mode and liking Macca's list at Riot Ville I knew I had roughly the same models as him so why not get a proper Vampire Counts force together....

In previous post I have been working on this army in different stages 
here you can see in these post of many skeletons and under coating loads of zombies..

After talking to Macca and finding out his list I needed to get some Fell Bats, Crypt Ghouls, Sprit hosts, Cavalry and a Vampire.

Well it sounds like I long list but after going through Ebay I went and had a look for cheap deals and got this lot. First port of call was to look at some Reaper Miniatures and found a good mini for a spirit host. At £2 per mini job done.

All I did for these were spray White then paint with Nihilakh Oxide and my normal Beasty Brown and Dry Brush Bleached Bone.

Next Up was the Fell Bats.. Unfortunately these did not come with stands so I had to but some acrylic rods and make my own stands and bases which was not too hard.
After that I did my usually basing method as above.
The Bats were undercoated black then dry brushed with Flat Brown for all the fur. The wings were painted with Kislev Flesh then washed with Agrax Earthshade and the teeth and claws Bleached Bone was used.
Evil Suns Scarlet was finally used for the nose and the eyes.

 The Crypt Ghouls were next.
 I used Army Painter Necrotic Flesh then I used wash of Army Painter Strong Tone and then dry brushed with Game Colour Dead Flesh.
After that I worked on all the bones, thorns and teeth painting them Bleached Bone.

For all the muscle and bloody areas I used a combination of Matt Varnish with Evil Suns Scarlet with a wash of Carroburg Crimson.

I also managed to squeeze in some Calvary models as well which are from Mantic.

I spayed the horses Corax White and used Nihilakh Oxide. The Skeletons were sprayed Army Painter Plate Metal and washed with Nuln Oil.
I applied Alien Purple form Army Painter to the Cloth, Flag and feathers with Mechanite Red for the shields.
Balthasar Gold was then used to decorate the lances and a covering of Bleached Bone for the faces.
The bases were sone in my usually way

So all thats left now is to sort out paint my Vampire model from Salute and sort a Vadrghulf model oh and if you want to count the load of zombies I need to paint then that should be a good 1800/2000 point list.

The grey and metal pile is slowly getting smaller on the fantasy front now...

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