Friday, 4 May 2018

Shadow War Armageddon 2.0

A few weeks ago Riot popped over to play round to play Shadow War Armageddon 2.0 this time with some of my new terrain I got from Ebay.

Here is some of the new terrain set up for the first game.

It was my Death Guard Vs Veteran Imperial Guard.

We decided to just play Kill Team Fight to get back in the swing of the rules..

We chose sides and set up..


The game was a cagey affair and Riot with his fast moving guard and snipers making light work of my cultists and some of my Death Guard. Toxic ammo is a thing..
Game 1 to Riot

Game 2 
Promethium Hunt plus a monster!

This game would see us put down 4 promethium tokens and needing to get three to be able to run off the table..Oh did I mention roll a 6 and a monster turns up..

We set up and I got first turn and I had to make sure I either A) kill the snipers B) kill the snipers!!

I run the marines up with the meat shields I mean Cultists up the field hugging as much terrain as possible to avoid being shot from range.

I had my eye set on get all the promethium I could and get out of there.
My cultist run up the middle and clime up the ladders to get two promethium.

On Riots turn I rolled a six for the monster to come and visit the game and guess what he attacks one of his snippers and forces an ammo roll...Which he fails so one sniper down only one to worry about.

Riot stil decides to move right up into the action.

Luckily I had moved my cultist front and centre to take the hits coming towards my marines.

I had only one goal in mind run everyone back to the starting line with the promethium and move my heavy gunner up and down the ladder to grab the last promethium so they could run off the board.

Riot moves aggressively forward pinning my cultist who's picked up the promethium and pins some of my marines but  he is finding it hard to kill them off.
I roll a 6 again and the monster turns up to take on the Sniper again.

I manage to stock pile two promethium near the finish line I just need to get to the end which is 2 inches away.....but Riot decides to retreat.

So game two is a victory for Chaos.

So we moved on to game 3..
I decided to get a heavy flamer as well as an auto canon because why not... Riot decided to bring his speed 6 Ogryn!!

I hudled up a few of my marines and a cultist behind a wall and the nightmare happened Riot got first turn snipes my cultist and cause my marines a panic test which they fail....Over a cultist!!

Riots Ogryn runs up the board shots and my flamer marine and stuns him and then runs out of ammo..

I have to do somthing and try and flank Riot with some marines and cultist just in front..

Riots snipers come into play again and head shots my auto canon marine and then jams his weapon.

The Ogryn charges the flamer marine where it looks like a never ending battle ensues.

The rest of Riots team moves up from the left to help out the Ogryn while my cultist on the other flank start to become a threat are taking heavy fire from Riots Sargent and sniper.

My Chaos Sargent decides to do a Leeroy Jenkinnnssss and charges the Ogyrn after it kills the flamer marine..

Riot smells blood and dispatches the cultist on the flank and charges up to help the Ogyrn kill off my Chaos Sargent...
More Imperial Guard enter the fight which proves to much as Riots Sargent finally lands the killing blow....

A Imperial Guard victory..
Over all:
Shaggy 1 Riot 2

Well its another enjoyable blood soaked edition of Shadow War Armageddon.
Both Riot and I are really enjoying the plug in and play style of this game and we both are looking forward to kill Team coming out this year.

Thanks goes to Riot for the games.

I think I need to paint up some Imperial Guard for our next game...

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riot ville said...

For a minute there I thought you were cheating on me with someone else!!

It was a top day of gaming.

Snipers really are a thing!!