Friday, 25 May 2018

Hobby Resolution Part Two

At the start of the year I made a post about my Hobby Resolutions for the first quarter of the year.

So how did I do?

 I wanted to paint 1800 points of Dwarfs for Riot Ville Live
which I managed to do and had a good time at the event which you can check out here.

This also co in sided with my desire with get better at painting which is more of a long term journey.

I also did a big Ebay clear out with some of my hobby bits and pieces I know I would not play or have time to paint. X wing was a casualty for this and I know theres 2.0 coming but its not being played by my group so thats now gone.

During the first few months I have been able to fit in games of Shadow War Armageddon which has been really good as its been easy just to pick and play which has been great for time saving.

Now one thing I have not be able to do is build, paint and play is Shadespire... this will have to be addded to the to do list.

During the first few months of the year some cool things happened.
First I hit 10,000 views which blew my mind. I can quite believe that many people have come to visit and read my ramblings about games and miniatures I'm truly amazed.

 I also got the opportunity to start to write for Wayland games as part of their community blog page which has been great.

So my plans for the next quarter..

I want to just add a finishing touch to my Dwarf army and paint another Gyro copter and also finish painting up the main core elements of my Undead army..

I also want to get round painting some of my Khador units and maybe get some paint on my Hordes models...I may even try to get a few games of WM/H but most likely Company of Iron due to time and it allows me to get some idea of how some of the Hordes units work.

As I am playing a lot of Shadow War Armageddon and I want a change up of armies so working on a  Imperial Guard force is on the list.
 I am even thinking of getting the rules for proper Necormunda too..

 From last quarter I have to sort out my Shadespire sets thats sitting on the shelfs and obviously I would like to get some more games.

I think thats enough for now I will most likely throw a few terrain things in there also but these should do for my goals for now.

Hows everyone else's Hobby Resolutions going?

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