Friday, 19 May 2017

Bring out ya dead..

After playing mecca's undead army I pulled out all of my mantic undead models and got some paint on them. I have had some of these minis for a while and there just doing nothing I might as well use them for a small vampire counts army.

It's also a distraction from my dwarfs as I am not really looking forward to painting all of them...


Thats a lot of grey and black....

I started on my skeletons and used the white army painter primer and Nihilakh Oxide to give that ghostly effect.


It was not to long that I got all 70 finished..

I already had some zombies painted up for my Nurgle army but these were on round bases so it was a case of movement trays with round holes..

It was also a task to build loads of the Zombies that I have not got round to making. I also used some 40mm bases to fill out the units.

Next up was a necromancer or two. I had this reaper bones model that I was going to use for frostgrave but this gave me an excuse to paint it.

A couple of base colours and wash later hey presto...

As I am not to sure on army list etc I thought it would be cool to go for two necromancers  and as I have lots of cultist minis form 40k I chose this guy to me necromancer number two..

Yes I know he is on a round base but he is not glued down so will be on a square soon..

So all in all I have 2 necromancers, 70 skeletons, 100 zombies (another 40 plus left to make) 5 wreaths and bolt thrower..

I know from what I have been told its not a lot of points etc but when I get a few more games in with my dwarfs and fancy a change at least I have another army ready to go and I can proxy units I am sure like my mantic badgers as undead wolves or something..

Anyway it looks like I will be painting some dead flesh in the not so distant future...


riot ville said...


The great news is they will look great on mass, on the table top.

An army like this needs minimal effort to look great.

The overall effect is quite dramatic!

Shaggy said...

@riotville Yep finally!

Just got a load of zombies to do now....but I will be starting playing with my dwarfs as I have tons of them!
As I said not to keen on painting them as there so many and looks like I can't cheat these..