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Blood in the bad lands Dwarves Vs High Elfs 2000 points

After sorting out my 2000 point list with Lano we got down to a game that effects the Blood in the Bad Lands campaign the guys are playing. 
I will be part of the barbarian team which allows anyone to jump in and out of the campaign.

My list consisted of A Dwarf Lord, A Runelord, A Thane, 25 Warriors with full command, 10 Quarrellers with a musician, 10 Thunderers with a musician, 2 Gyrocopters, 21 Hammerers with full command, one Canon and 2 Organ guns...

We set up and got ready for first turn again I got first turn and get hatred everything..


My units march up the field and my cannon and Organ guns take shots at the multiple Bolt Throwers the Elf's have. Again not much success  really with the dice rolls and the Cannon falling short.

My Thunderers and Quarrellers take few shots at the chariots on the left and manage to get a few wounds.

Lano's go he moves his units into position and starts casting a few spells and starts to take a few shots with his bolts at my army and a few get through my units.

My turn two I am not liking all those chariots on my left so I move one of my Gyrocopters to the left and I spray the chariot but the wound is saved. My second Gyrocopter moves to the right side of the board to meet the other chariot.

My Hammerers and Warriors with my Lord and Runlord move up with the Hammers with the Thane moving round the tower to try and get a flank attack.

My Canon and Organ guns  take out one of the Elf Bolt Throwers and have a wound  on another one of them before moving over to Lano's next turn.

Lano decides to charge my Thunderers, Quarrellers and Gyrocopter which was meeting them head on. Lano continues to shot at my Worriers and Hammerers slowing picking away. Lano's bolt throwers and Lion chariots destroy my Organ gun on my right flank.


Lano gets his Lion chariots to attack my Quarrellers and Thunderers who shot at them adding one more wound to one of the Lion chariots.... I am not going to like this. 

My Gyrocopter retreats... before it gets charged too..

Lano's chews through the units killing all my Quarrellers.. and kills one my Gyrocopters on the right..

It's my go I decided to charge my Warriors in to combat not before getting shot at which takes a few more Dwarves..

My Hammers turn around and try to get close enough to help out the Thunderers.

I manage to take out another bolt thrower and my Gyrocopter rallies to shot the Eagle coming to get me on the right hand side. Its on to the close combat... my Dwarves pick off more of the Elven unit but they are hitting a lot harder and with load more attacks..

Again it gets nasty for the Dwarves but we mange to hold even with the lose in combat.

Lano charges my Hammerers and continues the onslaught of attacks on my Thunderers and try to move in behind my Organ gun with his Lion chariot.

My Organ Gun dies but the Thunderers manage to live another day. The Hammerers get few hits into the charging Eagles and remain locked in combat.

My turn and I continue to shot at the Bolt Throwers and use my Canon to shot at the Eagle on my right hand side coming towards my canon I need anything but a 10 on the artillery dice and you guessed it ...

My Gyrocopter has better luck and steams the Eagle..

I start off by attacking the Lion Chariot with my Organ guns crew I know they are dead but hey might as well and not much happens and the Lion chariot kills the Crew and by by Organ gun.

The Thunderers are still alive some how after another round of hits and pass there leadership test to stay where they are.

The Hammers do what they do best and kill of the Eagle chariots on the left flank and move back so they can hep out the Warriors that are in trouble.


My Warriors attack hitting with all there might but the dice gods are not on their side and only get  threw a few hits that matter... on the other hand The Elf's have tons of attacks and kill off a lot of the Warriors causing the dwarves to run and are allowed to with out being followed.

Lano Starts to tighten his grip on the game and moves his men closer to the running dwarves and continues to shot at them with his archers causing more wounds

The Lion chariots finish off the Thunderers finally and adds some bolt shots through to my Hammerers causing more casualties.

Its not looking good for my Dwarves I just have to grind this as much as possible.
My Dwarf Warriors with my Lord and Rune Lord  turn to face the enemy just out of range from a flank attack.
My Hammers move round a little further to try and get closer to helping the Warriors but they are a long way out.

Lano's turn as I now don't have much to do.. Lano charges in to my Warriors with no surprise and shots at my last remaining  Hammers and causes a few more casualties.

Its crunch time as Lano issues a challenge with Korhil his Elf lord... I accept with My Dwarf Lord...
Korhil Swings and takes one wound...But my Dwarf Lord is tooled up and has extra attacks plus hatred everything and FURY!!...

I get 9 hits and I need 2's to wound and I get this.....

By By Korhil.... Lets just say he needed a nap...

Unfortunately after this the rest of the Elven unit saw this and with utter rage killed off the rest of the unit and the lords with them and thats where we called game.

A really good game and I can see why 2000 points is much better.. I now need to paint my Dwarf Lord after those heroics. I gave him the name Grimlok The Hard Headed after his mighty battle...

So to the board the Elfs have won the tile we were fighting over but I get to move to a space with in my zone and I chose near the Ogers (Sorry @riotvile) and build a castle...looks like anyone who attacks needs to do a siege battle...

Love the 15mm markers by the guys here..

I Also roll off on the Blood in the Badlands table and I get an extra 200 points for my army as well as Grimlok now being ever changed form the battle has automatic hatred High Elfs and has an extra wound to make his total to 4..

I really enjoyed this game and love what the guys are doing I wish I had more time to play a campaign but the barbarian idea is great for those of us to jump into a game or two that can affect the overall outcome.

I better get painting Grimlok Then...

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